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Spherical geometry


Spherical geometry is the geometry of the two-dimensional surface of a sphere. It is an example of a geometry that is not Euclidean. Two practical applications of ...

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The angle between two lines in spherical geometry is the angle between the planes of the corresponding great circles, and a spherical triangle is defined by its ...

spherical geometry
the branch of geometry that deals with figures on spherical surfaces.
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Spherical Geometry


Spherical Geometry. Danielle Frailey. Spherical Geometry in History. At the time when Earth was discovered to be round rather than flat, spherical geometry ...

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May 1, 2016 ... It is important to recognize and understand these key concepts to fully expand upon properties of spherical geometry. A point: a point on a ...

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Remember high school geometry? The sum of the angles of a planar triangle is always 180 degrees or Pi radians. However, triangles on other surfaces can ...

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Geometry > Distance > ... on a sphere is the distance of the shortest path along the surface of the sphere ... on the unit sphere, the spherical distance is given by  ...

Great-circle distance


The great-circle or orthodromic distance is the shortest distance between two points on the ... In non-Euclidean geometry, straight lines are replaced by geodesics. ... The Earth is nearly spherical...

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Spherical geometry and trigonometry used to be important topics in a technical ... The problem is to determine the great circle distance between two points given ...

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Q: What is true in spherical geometry.
A: All right angles are still equal. Only one straight line can be drawn between any two nonpolar points. A circle can be drawn with any point at its center. Apex ... Read More »
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Q: What are lunes in spherical geometry.
A: Lines in spherical geometry are very easy to understand. Lines in spherical geometry are straight looking items that can be found by graphing points in a certai... Read More »
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Q: What is Triangle in spherical geometry?
A: A spherical triangle is a figure formed on the surface of a sphere by three great circular arcs intersecting pairwise in three vertices. The spherical triangle ... Read More »
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Q: What is a line in spherical geometry.
A: Spherical geometry is the simplest form of elliptic geometry, in which a line has no parallels through a given point. Contrast this with Euclidean geometry, in ... Read More »
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Q: What is spherical geometry?
A: The Spherical Geometry is the study of figures on the surface of a sphere, as opposed to the type of geometry studied in plane geometry or solid geometry. Read More »
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