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In Spiritism and Spiritualism the medium has the role of an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of spirit. Mediums claim that they can listen ...

What is a Medium - Rebecca Rosen - Oprah.com


Whether one refers to him- or herself as a psychic medium, spiritual medium, intuitive medium or any other similar title, it's all essentially the same thing—the ...

John Holland – Psychic Medium | Spirit communication and ...


Where is the Spirit World? Can anyone become a medium? Are you open all the time to the Spirit World? When it's my turn to cross over, will it matter what ...

3 Ways to Become a Psychic Medium - wikiHow


How to Become a Psychic Medium. Psychic mediums have the ability to sense and communicate with beings and energies in other dimensions, including the ...

What is Mediumship & Channeling? - First Spiritual Temple


Mediumship can be defined as follows: The process whereby a human instrument, known as a MEDIUM or CHANNEL, is used by one or more discarnate, spirit ...

Psychic Medium Recommendations Of Top Psychic Mediums By ...


Tested psychics & mediums by psychic medium researcher Bob Olson. Best Psychic Mediums lists Bob's top psychics & mediums who are tested & approved.

JohnEdward.net | Communicate. Appreciate. Validate. Evolve


Evolve. Welcome to the official website for psychic medium John Edward. This website is the only official on-line source of information regarding John Edward, ...

Medium - What is a Psychic Medium? - Paganism/Wicca - About.com


Traditionally, a medium is someone who speaks, in one way or another, to the ... A medium may hold a seance to help you get in touch with the spirit world.

Jennifer M. Shaffer |Spiritual Psychic Medium | Psychic Investigator


Listed below are just a few of many reasons why you should book Jennifer Shaffer as your Spiritual Psychic Medium. Jennifer will help you navigate this ...

Mediums vs. Psychics: Is there a Difference? | Long Island Medium ...


Sep 23, 2011 ... So how is a psychic different from a medium? Psychics are people who say they have multiple supernatural talents, such as the ability to peer ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is a synonym for spiritual mediums?
A: A synonym for spiritual mediums could be unearthly mediums. ! Read More »
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Q: What are spiritual mediums?
A: They are people who purport to contact the spirits of the dead. to give messages to the living. The term 'spiritual medium' is a contradiction in terms. Read More »
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Q: How to tell if you're a spiritual medium?
A: Now this is one very strong sign of being a psychic medium. The gift of Read More »
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Q: What do you think of Spiritual Medium's?
A: Witch craft, have nothing to do with it, Turn back to Jesus Christ and Repent. Read More »
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Q: Was Jesus a Spiritual medium??
A: Was Jesus a Spiritual medium?? The Bible is full of Spirit communication. Where they all mediums? The Church tells me not to talk to a Medium, to communicate to... Read More »
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