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Typically, standing in the United States to contest the validity of a will ... Those who are named on the face of the will (any ...

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The first requirement is “standing”. A person who has “standing” to challenge a will is typically someone who is named on the face of the will (such as the ...

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Many people are interested in knowing how a will can be contested and, ... At its most basic, standing to contest a will may be thought of as belonging to any ...

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In order to contest a will, a person must have what the law calls “standing”. This means that the person must have a direct, financial, and existing interest which ...

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In most jurisdictions, the party who contests a will is called a “contestant.” A person has standing to contest a will only if the person is an interested party (i.e., has ...

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However, it is possible for someone without legal standing for a will challenge to, nonetheless, sue a tortfeasor for tortious interference of an expectancy if the ...

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In most states, only an "interested" person has standing to object to a named executor or challenge the will -- that is, a person who inherits under the will ...

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Undertaking legal action to contest a will or trust is a step most of us will ... The courts consider people who meet either of these conditions to have standing.

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So, a child who is left out of a will would have standing to contest a will as would a friend who is named in the will but has no rights under the laws of intestacy.

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Sep 17, 2014 ... If you are not family and were never named in a previous will, you have no standing to contest the will. If the testator (the deceased) discussed ...

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Who Can Contest a Will? Having Enough Legal Standing


May 30, 2016 ... You can only contest a will if you have a certain relationship with the deceased or with his estate. Find out if you have this legal standing to ...

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Before a person can contest a will, they must have what's known as standing, which means that they are directly affected by the probate proceedings and believe ...

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Dec 21, 2006 ... Not everyone is allowed to contest another person's will. To have standing to challenge a will, you must demonstrate that you have a legitimate ...