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KnifeUp provides, for free, knife law guides for all 50 states. Below is a map of the US, click on the state you are interested in to read about it's knife laws. I try to ...


Apr 10, 2015 ... And intent seems to be a huge part of how knife laws are enforced. ... courts, planes, most federal buildings and similar institutions of state or ...


Is a knife legal in your state? After reading your state's knife laws, if you still have a question on the legality of a specific knife, I will provide a brief answer based ...


May 15, 2017 ... Law may have a huge influence on knife laws in all the states. Case Law is even harder to find references to. It up to you to know the law.


Nov 22, 2016 ... Find out if switchblades are legal in your state. We've listed knife laws by state for switchblades, butterfly knives & other knives for all 52 states.


Are knives legal? States in the U.S. have differing views on this question. Most states regard short-blade pocket knives as legal. Generally, the longer a knife's ...


by Carl Donath. After following rec.knives for a while, it became obvious that a quick summary of knife laws would be handy. Here's what little I've been able to ...


Jul 15, 2016 ... The truth about the legality of owning an OTF knife. Detailed OTF knife state laws broken down by each individual state. Each states OTF Knife ...


Mar 21, 2017 ... Knife laws vary tremendously from state to state. This infographic will help you know your rights and avoid unintentionally breaking the law.