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Like other coins, the value of errors is based, ... Grading services often charge more to grade a coin than ...


Nov 9, 2015 ... State quarter errors are a great way to add value to your collection. ... value. That is, unless you possess an error quarter! ... Unlike the regular minted coins, ones with errors are far fewer in number, and have a huge demand.


Coin collectors appreciate rare coins because they may increase in value and ... the Denver-minted 2004-D Wisconsin Extra Leaf High quarter has an error and ... The Wyoming state quarter minted in Philadelphia features a small number of ...


2004 Wisconsin state quarter error page ... leaf" error quarters came from the Denver Mint.


Oregon State Quarter Mint Error MS65. ... Price: $129.00. Sold Out. Item Number: ... These mint error coins would be an interesting addition to any coin collection ...


Oct 6, 2016 ... Since 2010 Diamond has tracked an array of misstruck 2000-P Virginia quarter dollars from one deranged press, finding a fifth error type in an ...


State quarter errors are a great way to add value to your collection. Learn the ... 1976 us washington quarter broadstrike collar mint error coin pcgs mint state 64.


Jan 13, 2017 ... 2005 Minnesota "Extra Tree" State Quarter Error. ... variety types noted for the Philadelphia Mint's issue of the 2005 Minnesota State Quarter!


Nov 19, 2013 ... Mint error coin prices. ... How much is your error coin worth? ... with their novel designs have sparked keen interest in State quarter errors.