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What are chastity belts? | Reference.com


According to Fox News, chastity belts were worn by girls and women beginning around the 15th century to preserve their virginity or help keep them chaste.

Chastity Belts Were Never Actually Used in Medieval Times


May 1, 2014 ... According to the popular myth, chastity belts were locked metal or ... So to guard against this, the story goes that the knights would make their wives wear chastity ... These are hard iron breeches of Florentine women which are ...

Everything You've Heard About Chastity Belts Is a Lie | Atlas Obscura


Aug 17, 2015 ... This, at least, has been the story that's been told for hundreds of years. ... Here is the truth: Chastity belts, made of metal and used to ensure female fidelity, never ... When one considers the evidence for medieval chastity belts, ... In other words, even in the 1500s, no one took the idea of locked-up metal ...

Firefighters help woman after she loses key to chastity belt


Jan 19, 2016 ... An unusual story out of Italy has gone viral after a woman asked firefighters to remove her chastity belt because she lost the key. ... When fire officials asked where she lived, apparently thinking she locked herself out of her ...

Italian Woman Asks Firefighters To Help Remove Her Chastity Belt


Jan 17, 2016 ... She needed them to help get her out of her chastity belt after she lost the key to ... The story brings to mind an article on the Inquisitr about a year ago, shortly ... Tags: firefighters remove chastity belt, padua, woman trapped in ...

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Tennessee drunk driver busted with chastity belt locked ... - Raw Story


Jun 10, 2016 ... Tennessee drunk driver busted with chastity belt locked on his penis ... which is what makes the story of 35-year-old Tennessee resident Curtis Scott ... Florida Woman Shows Why Vacuuming Gasoline Is Never A Good Idea.

Locking Up for Love: Chastity Belts Return | Fox News


May 21, 2001 ... For many, chastity belts conjure up images of medieval knights storming in from battle, unlocking their women and plunging into passion. ... "I find it hard sometimes to stay locked up, but someone else being in charge .... http://www. foxnews.com/story/2001/05/21/locking-up-for-love-chastity-belts-return.html.

Italian Woman, 60, Gets Stuck In Chastity Belt | US News


Jan 19, 2016 ... A 60-Year-Old Woman Got Stuck Inside Her Chastity Belt. She had to ask ... First rule of chastity belts: Make sure you know how to unlock them.