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Knife legislation


Knife legislation is defined as the body of statutory law or case law promulgated or enacted by .... or considered appropriate to carry a knife openly in public places such as streets or public buil...

California Knife Law | KnifeUp


Bowie knives are legal. Large knives are legal (no restrictions in size). Carrying knives in the open is legal in California. Carrying knives concealed is legal in ...

Laws for Folder Type Knives - Handgunlaw.us


Feb 10, 2016 ... Weapon" means a knife having a blade four (4) inches in length or .... carrying or possession on the public street or public sidewalks, or in any ...

So What Knives ARE Legal in New York City, Anyway? The Answer ...


Oct 10, 2014 ... You can legally carry some pretty serious knives in New York City. ... See also: Blade Stunner: How a '50s-Era New York Knife Law Landed ... St. Mark's Bookshop May Be Forced to Close This Week as Debt Woes.

NY Knife Law | the things worth believing in


Apr 12, 2012 ... There are no specific limits on blade length in NYS Law. ..... buddy was arrested walking down the street minding his own business in NY City.

Is there a legal size limit for concealed knives? - Seattle 911 — A ...


May 19, 2009 ... Is there a certain length that classifies a weapon that is illegal to carry? A: It is illegal for anyone to carry a “dangerous knife” in the city, Seattle ...

Know Your Knife Laws #10: Virginia | The Truth About Knives


Jun 1, 2013 ... But now on to its knife laws (after a short disclaimer) . . . And before I start, ... Just pay attention to local blade length limits… ... And they give street cops a steady supply of confiscated knives to take home and play with. Reply.

Is That Switchblade Legal? | Knife Laws By State | Survival Life


Sep 14, 2015 ... Pocket knives are legal. Balisong knives are legal. Switchblades, gravity knives, Bowie knives, and stilettos are legal. Knives of any length are ...

Choosing a knife to carry - No Nonsense Self Defense


If you go down this road and buy a tactical fighter, a combat ready knife or some .... into -- not only STATE laws -- about what kind of knife (or size) you can carry, ...

Canadian knife law specifics. - BladeForums.com


Canadian knife law re: carry depends 100% on INTENT. ... There is no federal regulation that I know of for fixed blades, or length of blade, etc. ..... To use an analogy: street racing is illegal, speeding is illegal, and there is ...

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Knife Laws - Handgunlaw.us


The Info below is just part of their knife laws giving length laws as found in their ..... No person shall wear or carry in plain view any knife upon any public street or  ...

Knife Laws - FindLaw


Whether you own a Swiss Army pocket knife, a Bowie hunting knife, a stiletto ... Except for New York City's knife length restriction against blades that are 4 or ...

Buying and carrying knives: the law - GOV.UK


Jan 13, 2016 ... The laws on buying and carrying a knife depend on the type of knife, your age and your circumstances.