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The strigil is a tool for the cleansing of the body by scraping off dirt, perspiration, and oil that were applied before bathing. In Ancient Greek and Roman cultures the strigil was primarily of use...



The ancient Greeks and Romans had the wisdom and insight to know that bodily cleanliness ... This was used for athletics and sporting activities. ... Then, they used a curved metal scraper called a strigil to scrape of this "muck", which would  ...

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In ancient Greece and Rome, athletes prepared for competition by covering their bodies with oil. After competing or exercising on a dirt field or arena, the athlete ...

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Mar 30, 2012 ... Stephen Miller in his 2004 book Ancient Greek Athletics (p. ... the athlete dedicated himself by the use of oil [which was used, for example, ...

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Strigil; Unknown; Roman Empire; about 100; Bronze; 21 × 11 cm (8 1/4 × 4 5/16 in.) ... like the Greeks before them, cleaned themselves by rubbing the body with oil and ... used strigils in the baths, they are most strongly connected with athletes .

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Nov 30, 2012 ... We're quite used to the idea of people making money from sport. ... off the oil and sweat on your body with a metal scraper called a 'strigil'. .... Pingback: 10 Truly Disgusting Facts About Ancient Greek Life - ALL TOP NEWS ... May 31, 2013; Sexual abstinence in ancient athletic training March 29, 2013 ...

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Dec 19, 2016 ... A strigil was used to remove olive oil from the skin of athletes in Ancient ... The Greeks and Romans did not use soap, so the strigil was an ...

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Use your online skills to find the answer. 7. What is the Parthenon? Where would you go to see it in person? 8. What is a strigil? Why did Greek athletes use it? 9.

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Strigil definition, an instrument with a curved blade, used especially by the ancient Greeks and Romans for scraping the skin at the bath and in the gymnasium. ... In one the athlete is represented handing his strigil to his slave, in the other the ...

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Where did the Olympic games come from? ... How were the athletes trained? ... Athletics were a key part of education in ancient Greece. ... Young men worked with athletic trainers who used long sticks to point out incorrect ... Tondo: strigil