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The meaning of dependent clause is a clause that provides an independent clause with ... Others use subordinate clause to refer only to adverbial dependent clauses. The different types of dependent ...

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A subordinate clause—also called a dependent clause—will begin with a subordinate conjunction or a relative pronoun and will contain both a subject and a ...

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In this lesson, we will learn about the function of subordinate clauses, also known as dependent clauses, and examine a variety of examples in...

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Are you ready to learn about the subordinate clause (a.k.a. dependent clause)? Let's start by talking about the definition of a clause. A clause is a group of words  ...

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Coordination and Subordination. Coordinating conjunctions are used to join independent clauses to make compound sentences. The coordinating conjunctions ...

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A subordinate clause is usually introduced by a subordinating element such as a subordinating conjunction or relative pronoun. It depends on the rest of the ...

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A clause, typically introduced by a conjunction, that forms part of and is dependent on a main clause (e.g. 'when it rang' in 'she answered the phone when it ...

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May 27, 2013 ... A subordinate clause, also called a dependent clause, consists of information to be combined with a main clause to form a single sentence.

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subordinate clause (plural subordinate clauses). (grammar) A clause that cannot stand alone as a sentence, but functions as either a noun, adjective or adverb ...

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Subordinate clauses may be finite or nonfinite. Within this broad classification, we can make many further distinctions. We will begin by looking at subordinate ...

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A subordinate clause (or dependent clause) is a clause that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence because it does not express a complete thought.

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Subordinate clause definition, a clause that modifies the principal clause or some part of it or that serves a noun function in the principal clause, as when she ...

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A subordinate clause is a group of words that has both a subject and a verb but ( unlike an independent clause) cannot stand alone as a sentence.