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Fromage blanc is a fresh cheese originating from the north of France and the south of Belgium. The name means "white cheese" in French. Fromage frais differs from fromage blanc in that, ac...

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Plain Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for fromage frais. Fromage frais is a soft, fresh cheese popular in French cuisine. This smooth, creamy cheese is ...

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JanetA: Fromage frais is a fresh low-fat curd cheese. ... It is delicious served with fruit, and provides a healthier alternative to sour cream as a topping for jacket ...

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Jun 20, 2016 ... Thick plain Greek yogurt.

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One of the best uses I have come across for fromage frais is to fold it into softly whipped cream and leave it to chill for an hour or two.. Then serve it in little pots ...

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Substitutions for quark include equal amounts of: Fromage frais or fromage blanc. OR Mascarpone cheese (richer) OR 2 parts ricotta and 1 part sour cream.

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Other Names:fromage frais ... Fromage blanc is quite soft, a bit thicker than yogurt . You can substitute Greek yogurt. Substitute for Fromage blanc. Quark...or

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We do not have sour cream. I use a variety of substitutions: some (like yogurt) are healthier, others (like crème fraiche) are about the same. I do not use artificially ...

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Fromage Frais is made with whole or skim milk. ... Substitutes ... Fromage Frais may be slightly easier to digest than milk for some people, because the protein in  ...

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Jan 23, 2008 ... What I want is an alternative that tastes good, and is a bit healthier. Heres what I ... I use fat free natural yogurt or fromage frais instead of mayo.

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An article explaining what you can use as a subsitute or replacement for fat free fromage frais in cooking if you are unable to buy any.

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Q: "I have a lot of recipes from the UK that use fromage frais, which I haven't managed to find in Australia. Is it available here? What could I use as an alternative?

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Dec 1, 2012 ... Best Answer: Although there's nothing quite like real fromage frais, low fat (not non-fat) cream cheese or a smooth blend of cottage cheese and ...