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The Oregon Trail is a 2,170-mile (3,490 km) historic east–west, large-wheeled wagon route and .... Fort Vancouver was the main re-supply point for nearly all Oregon trail travelers until U.S. ...

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Plus all the necessary food, clothing and utensils needed for survival. Often heavy items such as furniture, stoves, pianos would be freighted to the West Coast ...

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different reasons, but most wanted new opportunities and to change their lives for ... Here are some writings about supplies that people used on the Oregon Trail.

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Jan 22, 2013 ... The most important part of The Oregon trail provisions was to always have flour. ... Also among flour, other supplies were needed. A typical ...

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The packing of provisions for the long journey on the trail brought many ... They almost always suggested that, above all else, a good supply of bacon and flour was ... hatchet, and spade will be needed, with a mallet for driving picket-pins.

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As time went on, the Trail and its environs were thoroughly documented and ... However, they still needed food, gear, medical supplies, and clothing for at least  ...

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1993 Oregon-California Trails Association .... Mid-nineteenth century mills did not have the equipment to do a good job of supplying clean flour or removing the ...

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The Oregon. Route. The wagon train needed to leave on time because the trails were full of dangers and setbacks, such ... Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Oregon . ... Immediately the campfires started burning and dinner was cooked. Supplies.

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Sep 25, 2016 ... The Oregon Trail was an exhausting, sometimes treacherous, .... and haul it to Salt Lake City, where supplies of all kinds were needed. Others ...

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The preparations for a journey west on the Oregon Trail took more than a year. ... The inside of the wagon was often crammed with the supplies needed to make ...

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According to the National Oregon/California Trail Center, a typical family of four needed 600 pounds of flour, 400 pounds of bacon, 100 pounds of sugar, ...

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Water cask. 3.50. Hand-Washing Machine. 7.00. Washboard .30. Knife/ Whetstone 2.50. Ax. 3.00. Hatchet. 2.00. Spade. 2.00. Spyglass. 5.00. OTHER SUPPLIES.

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Modern ultralight backpacking equipment and technique was born on the Pacific ... The term “extra clothing” refers to additional layers that would be needed to ...