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A wetland is a land area that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, such ... There are four main kinds of wetlands – marsh, swamp, bog and fen (bogs ... The O2 and CO2 con...

What is the average temperature of a swamp? | Reference.com


The average temperature range of the world's swamps is between 15 C and 35 C . Swamps fall into two categories: swamp forests and shrub swamps. Bogs are ...

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A swamp is defined as a wetland dominated by trees or dense shrub thickets ... the subarctic to the heart of the tropics, native to a significant range of climate zones. ... varied as they are, must also have the correct temperature and precipitation ...

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A swamp is an area of land permanently saturated, or filled, with water.

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Swamp chestnut oak (Quercus michauxii) is known also as basket oak, for the ... Average annual temperature ranges from 16° to 21° C (60° to 70° F) with an ...

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Swamp white oak (Quercus bicolor) is a mediumsized tree of the north ... Within the range of swamp white oak, mean annual temperatures vary from 16° C (60° ...

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Black Swamp water temperature - check out the ocean temperature for surfing, ... Statistics for 26 Jun (1981–2005) – mean: 15.8 °C, range: 14.4 °C to 16.9 °C ...

The freshwater biome


During the summer, the temperature can range from 4° C near the bottom to 22° C at the top. During ... Marshes, swamps, and bogs are all considered wetlands.

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Jan 18, 2013 ... Mangroves are intolerant of frost, but can tolerate air temperatures as ... than 20° C. The seasonal temperature range should not exceed 5°C.

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This includes swamps, bogs, marshes, flood plain and prairie pothole. ... The temperatures range from 65 °F to 75 °F in the summer and 35 °F to 45 °F in the ...

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What is the temperature of a swamp? | Reference.com


There is no particular temperature specific to every swamp. ... Diurnal temperature is the range of the Earth's temperature from low to high during one day.

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Aug 25, 2011 ... Swamps are found in many different climates (ranging from Florida to ... Temperature ranges from 50 degrees F to 57 degrees F (because of ...

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The climate is humid throughout the range of swamp cottonwood. ... Yearly temperatures average 10° to 13° C (50° to 55° F) in the North to 18° C (65° F) along ...