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The politics of Switzerland take place in the framework of a multi-party federal directorial democratic republic, whereby the Federal Council of Switzerland is the collective head of government and ...

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May 20, 2016 ... Switzerland is a direct democracy, where the people can influence the activities of government through initiatives and referendums.

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Switzerland's extremely stable political system is based on federalism and ... the term putsch for a violent overthrow of government is one of the few Swiss ...

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Switzerland's direct democracy and federalist tradition are unique and the Swiss ... influence the activities of government through initiatives and referenda.

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Switzerland is a Confederation of 26 cantons [canton = member state of the Swiss ... Governments, administrations, parliaments and courts are organized on 3 ...

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Feb 3, 2011 ... Switzerland was not always a nation-state in the modern sense, but a loose alliance of autonomous cantons that came together under a ...

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Sep 21, 2010 ... The Swiss are in the middle of election fever as the parliament prepares to choose two new members of its government, the Federal Council, ...

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Facts and statistics about the Government type of Switzerland. Updated as of 2014.

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Everything you need to know about this vote and voting in Switzerland. zollschild. ... Are you looking for work in the federal government, cantons, communes?

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Switzerland recorded a Government Debt to GDP of 34.40 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2015. Government Debt to GDP in Switzerland ...

The Government of Switzerland
Conventional Name: Swiss Confederation
Government Type: Federal Multi-Party System
Voting Age: 18 years of age; universal
Chief: President of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann
Head: President of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann
Legislature: bicameral Federal Assembly or Bundesversammlung (in German), Assemblee Federale (in French), Assemblea Federale (in Italian) consists of the Council of States or Standerat (in German), Conseil des Etats (in French), Consiglio degli Stati (in Italian
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Switzerland's government, parliament and courts are organized on three levels: federal; cantonal (based on 26 cantonal constitutions); communal (in a few small  ...

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Constitution: Adopted: 1999; This is the current and third constitution. It establishes the Swiss Confederation as a federal republic of 26 cantons, contains a ...

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Government Switzerland is a confederation governed under the constitution of 1874 as revised in 1998. The president, who is both head of state and.