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The Government of Switzerland
Conventional Name: Swiss Confederation
Government Type: Federal Multi-Party System
Voting Age: 18 years of age; universal
Chief: President of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann
Head: President of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann
Legislature: bicameral Federal Assembly or Bundesversammlung (in German), Assemblee Federale (in French), Assemblea Federale (in Italian) consists of the Council of States or Standerat (in German), Conseil des Etats (in French), Consiglio degli Stati (in Italian

Politics of Switzerland


Federal legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland. The judiciary is independent of the ...

Switzerland's Government and Politics


Switzerland's political system. ... Switzerland's Constitution and Federalism ... Switzerland's government, parliament and courts are organized on three levels:.

How Switzerland's political system works


Switzerland is a direct democracy, where the people can influence the activities of government through initiatives and referendums. The political process is ...

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Constitution: Adopted: 1999; This is the current and third constitution. It establishes the Swiss Confederation as a federal republic of 26 cantons, contains a ...

Switzerland's Political System: Decentralisation, Federalism and ...


Switzerland's extremely stable political system is based on federalism and ... the term putsch for a violent overthrow of government is one of the few Swiss ...

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Switzerland is a Confederation of 26 cantons [canton = member state of the Swiss ... Governments, administrations, parliaments and courts are organized on 3 ...

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Feb 3, 2011 ... Switzerland's government has seven members. Each year, a different member becomes president. This position is actually no more than that of ...

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Government Switzerland is a confederation governed under the constitution of 1874 as revised in 1998. The president, who is both head of state and.

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Aug 23, 2013 ... Switzerland's direct democracy ... Switzerland may be famed for its direct democracy but in a new democracy survey of 30 countries it has only ...

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Q: What is Switzerland's government about.
A: Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent to what is called a state in English-speaking federal countries. It has a ... Read More »
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Q: What is Switzerlands government.
A: It is direct democracy i think, but you should research it.:). Answer 2. Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent t... Read More »
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Q: How does Switzerland's government work?
A: Technicaly we have a mixture of direct democracy and representative demcracy in Switzerland. There is a good summary on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... Read More »
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Q: What is Switzerland's government is it a parmentary democracy or ...
A: Switzerland is a confederation which means most of the day-to-day decisions are taken by the 'Canton' governments. The Swiss government really only makes decisi... Read More »
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Q: Switzerland government and economy?
A: They have one that works. Don't get involved = Deal with less cr*p. A good way to go. Their economy will be fine. Read More »
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