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TV Antenna Selection Guide - Channel Master


Determine which TV antenna will work well for home or location with this easy ... Provides signals from one direction, can be mounted outdoors for longer range ...

Antennas Direct | Transmitter Locator


Find your nearest digital TV transmitter with Antenna Point -- a quick and easy way to find digital television transmitters (DTVs) nearest to your location.

What Channels Can I Get? - Introducing the Tablo TV Signal Locator ...


Feb 12, 2014 ... Introducing the Tablo TV Signal Locator - OTA HDTV Blog 5 ... High Definition TV for FREE simply by plugging in an Over-The-Air HDTV Antenna. ... location details into the form and we'll create a customized map showing you ...

Tips for Better TV Reception with Your Indoor Antenna - Disable My ...


Feb 12, 2013 ... Getting the ideal reception using your indoor digital TV antenna can be a challenging task. In my experience, it can be like playing ...

5 tips for getting the best indoor TV antenna reception - Consumer ...


Oct 1, 2014 ... 5 tips for getting the best indoor TV antenna reception ... means the days of attaching tin foil to an antenna's rabbit ears to improve reception on ...

4 Stupid Tech Tricks, Tested | TechHive


Jul 15, 2011 ... From pointing your car key fob at your jaw to improve range, to using a small child to improve your TV's antenna reception, we've decided to get ...

Fixing Digital TV Reception With an Indoor Antenna - TV/Video


This is all because digital TV signals move through the air like water mixes with oil. It's definitely not resilient like the old analog TV signal, which delivered in rain  ...

Antennas Direct | HDTV Antenna Troubleshooting


Problem: The TV is not receiving any signals. ... Troubleshooting Antenna Reception Hill Illustration 1 ... Problem: I'm receiving every channel except for one.

Bad reception: a TV antenna FAQ - CNET


May 16, 2012 ... But before we talk about free-to-air TV reception, let's step back to the very ... If you've got a correctly specified antenna, then the problem most ...

Helpful Resources
The Digital TV Transition: Reception Maps
Use this program to check for the DTV signals that are available at your location. For more information on antennas, see the Antenna Guide. Read More »
DTV Reception Maps - Watch Free TV in HD with a New TV Antenna ...
Note: The Rotating Outdoor TV Antennas at TVAntennaSale.com will Receive all Green, Red and Yellow Signal Strengths. We recommend the Omni Directional ... Read More »
TV Freedom ... created a color-coded labeling standard that classifies antennas by type. Antennas labeled for a particular type will share common reception ... Read More »
How to Estimate TV Reception in Your Area - Disable My Cable Blog
Jul 12, 2015 ... In an ideal flat world, TV signals would radiate in a perfect circle outward ... The colors in the map will tell you what kind of antenna you need. Read More »
AntennaPoint.com - Antenna Locator
Find Your Nearest Digital TV Transmitters. Enter a ... OVER THE AIR RECEPTION TOOLS. Use the links to the left to make calibrating your OTA antenna a snap. Read More »