The Taliban (Pashto: طالبان ṭālibān "students"), alternately spelled Taleban, is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan. It spread ... More »

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Sep 21, 2013 ... (CNN) Here's a look at the Taliban, a Sunni Islamist organization operating primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Facts: Reclusive leader ...

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In 1996, from their headquarters in Kandahar, sw Afghanistan, Taliban militia ... Encyclopedia.com -- Online dictionary and encyclopedia of facts, information, ...

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The Taliban ("Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement") ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001. They came to power during Afghanistan's long civil war.

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Taliban facts. 0 100. Miles. Source: USA TODAY research. Graphic by David Evans, USA TODAY. UZBEKISTAN. Who are they? TAJIKISTAN. CHINA.

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Oct 7, 2001 ... In response to the bloodletting, the rigorously Islamic Taliban movement — composed of religious students, or "taliban" from the southern city of ...

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BBC News looks at the history of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Upon seizing power, the Taliban regime instituted a system of gender apartheid effectively thrusting the women of Afghanistan into a state of virtual house arrest.

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The Taliban ("students of Islam"), also transliterated as Taleban, is an Islamist movement which ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, despite having  ...

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5 Surprising Facts About the New Taliban Leader. Whether it's his reading list, or his workout routine, Mullah Mansoor isn't your typical. 101. Share Video ...

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Q: What are 10 facts about the Taliban?
A: The Taliban (students of Islam" also transliterated as Taleban, is an Read More »
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A: The taliban has support from a section of the Pakistani army (admitted several times) An army will not defeat itself. Withdraw the support to defeat the taliban... Read More »
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A: As I discuss in my book, there may be different ways for people to thrive, but there are clearly many more ways for them not to thrive. The Taliban are a perfec... Read More »
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A: Taliban is a fundamentalist religious and political movement. It was governed by Afghanistan. It operates in Afghanistan and the Frontier Tribal areas of Pakist... Read More »
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