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The Taliban (Pashto: طالبان ṭālibān "students"), alternatively spelled Taleban, is an Islamic .... In 1991, the Taliban (a movement ori...

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Taliban, Pashto Ṭālebān (“Students”), also spelled Taleban, ultraconservative political and religious faction that emerged in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s ...

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BBC News looks at the history of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan and ... Media captionHibatullah Akhundzada is a religious scholar and he is former head ...

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Despite their strict beliefs and anti-drug profile, the Taliban could not resist using opium to fund ... The Taliban: War, Religion, and the New Order in Afghanistan.

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Groups of taliban ("religious students") were loosely organized on a regional basis during ... In contrast to their strict beliefs, the Taliban profited from smuggling ...

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Oct 9, 2011 ... The Laws of the Taliban The Taliban are a style of government known as a ... rule are not free to choose their own religion or criticise the Taliban. ... of the world's Muslims do not accept the beliefs of the Taliban </li></ul>; 5.

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May 3, 2009 ... Houriya Ahmed: The Taliban have perverted sharia law in a way that ... to challenge such laws that discriminate along sectarian religious lines.

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The Taliban is an ultra-conservative religious and political militant organization that attempts to enforce Sharia law and Islamic government throughout the ...

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May 23, 2001 ... The Taliban's version of Islam seems to be a new-born faith, ... Hindu women to veil themselves in opposition to the Hindus beliefs, with the aim to ... it is approved by the head of the Taliban's religious police, Mohammad Wali.

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Mar 5, 2001 ... Research resources on the Taliban or Taleban. ... students'' is a fundamentalist sect - in the sense of a dissenting religious group - of Islam.

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Jun 27, 2011 ... With President Obama's announcement of a greater-than-expected draw-down of troops, an end to the Coalition's long Afghan adventure is at ...

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Beliefs, creeds ... Prior to the expulsion of the Taliban regime, the main form of religious ... The Taliban religious police warned the populace that they had until ...

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Though 95% of the population is Muslim, Pakistan has only become conservative within the last few decades. Economic failures and the movement towards a ...