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All variations of the $10 bill would carry the same portrait of Alexander Hamilton, same border design on the obverse, and ...

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Just two (male) faces have ever appeared on the $10. Here's a history of the sawbuck.

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The next note to be redesigned, as determined by the Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence Steering Committee, is the $10 note.

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Did you know the average life span of a ten dollar bill is 18 months? Learn more about ten dollar bills here.

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Jun 18, 2015 ... A look at how the U.S. $10 bill has evolved over the years.

Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Bill: How He Got There and Why It ...


Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Bill: How He Got There and Why It Matters ... Currency redesigns are nothing new in the history of US paper money. In fact, they ...

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Eleven different men were featured on old ten dollar bills, many of whom are not very ... Robert Morris is an important figure in both the early history of the United ...

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Apr 24, 2016 ... $10 bill Photograph by Bob Wickham — Getty Images. Commentary ... We often hear that Americans know and care little about history. Recent ...

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Our site focuses on value information for bills issued between 1861 and 1928. The history of the modern ten dollar bill begins in 1928 when United States ...

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Security Features | U.S. Currency Education Program Learn about security features included in the $10 note, including color-shifting ink, a portrait watermark , ...