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A docket in the United States is the official summary of proceedings in a court of law. In the United Kingdom in modern times it is an official document relating to delivery of something, with simil...

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A term used to describe evidence that may be considered by a jury or judge in civil and criminal cases. .... The number of cases handled by a judge or a court.

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Dec 16, 2003 ... Commissioners in Chancery are appointed by circuit courts for certain circuit court cases. Complaint - criminal - A charge brought before a ...

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Number of pending cases exceeding the capacity of a court which is engaged in ..... Term used in libel law applying to statements relating to matters of public ...

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The Probate Court Glossary can be found in Chapter 12 of the Probate Judges ... In civil cases, affidavits of witnesses are often used to support motions for ...

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For example, a federal district court docket number may sometimes be given in a ... a docket sheet (sometimes called a register of actions or other terminology) for ... will give you information on the acceptable formats to use in a given field.

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Select a word: C.I.F. ... calendar 1) n. the list of cases to be called for trial before a particula. ... n. the method of studying law generally used in American law scho. ... n. the presiding judge of any State Supreme Court and the U.S. Su... child n.

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Court-Martial: general term for the military court system that hears criminal ... Docket: a schedule of a court's proceedings, including party names, nature of ...

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n. short for "doing business as," when a person or entity uses a ... D.U.I. ..... docket 1) n. the cases on a court calendar. 2) n. brief notes, usually w... document

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... Terms Glossary. The Legal Terms Glossary defines over 100 of the most common legal terms in .... docket - A log containing brief entries of court proceedings.