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How to Tie a Catfish Rig
Fishermen target channel catfish and flathead catfish most often when fishing for catfish. Both fish feed on the water's bottom, so one of the best rigs for catching them is a bottom rig, which keeps the bait on or near the bottom of the water. Both boat... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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Slip Sinker Rig: The One "Must Know" Catfish Rig - Catfish Edge


The slip sinker rig is what many consider to be one of the best catfish rigs for a ... Tie the hook to the leader line using a Palomar knot or the easy snell knot.

Catfish Rigs: The Best Rigs For Catfishing - Catfish Edge


Catfish rigs for fishing for blues, channels and flathead catfish. All the catfish rigs you ... You can tie most catfish rigs with a few simple knots. In fact three simple ...

Four Fishing Knots Every Catfish Angler Should Know - Catfish Edge


Essential fishing knots for catfish anglers to tie a variety of catfish rigs. The strongest and easiest to tie fishing knots for catfishing.

My Favorite Catfish Rig - YouTube


Feb 7, 2015 ... I've been asked to do a demonstration video on how to tie my catfish rig. I use this rig because of it's simplicity. By eliminating the swivels, ...

How to Tie a Sliding Sinker (Carolina) Rig for Catfish - YouTube


Jun 25, 2012 ... A step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a sliding-sinker rig, also known as a Carolina rig or "slip-sinker" rig. This setup is commonly used for ...

How to make a catfish rig - YouTube


Feb 13, 2010 ... This is a video to show step by step of how to make a catfish rig. ... How to tie a DROP SHOT RIG, Simple & Easy -TAFishing Show - Duration: ...

Catfishing Rigs:Two surefire rigs that catch catfish - YouTube


Aug 4, 2013 ... http://monsterrodholders.com/ Steve Douglas Professional catfish angler shows the best rigs to use for catfishing. The two most popular catfish ...

Catfish rigs: How to tie a catfish rig - HubPages


Nov 16, 2011 ... The two most popular rigs to catch catfish are the 3way rig and the slip rig also known as the carolina rig. Although both of these rigs can be ...

The Best Catfish Rigs For The Right Situations - In-Fisherman


Apr 11, 2014 ... Regardless of which catfish species you're fishing for, the basic slipfloat rig is constructed in the same way. Before tying on a hook, tie a ...

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Q: How to Tie Catfish Fishing Rigs.
A: Anglers everywhere look forward to the challenge that fishing for catfish provide because they are one of the most popular species of fish around. When fishing ... Read More »
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Q: How to Rig a Catfish Float.
A: 1. Use 20-lb. test line to ensure the line doesn't snap when the bait is taken. Catfish can be very aggressive when striking floated bait. 2. Place a float or b... Read More »
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Q: How to Rig Pole for Catfish.
A: 1. Spool the rod and reel with 15- to 20-pound monofilament line. Cut a 24-inch piece of line to be used as a leader. Set the leader aside. 2. Put a sinker on t... Read More »
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Q: How to Rig a Catfish Float.
A: One Methods: Cleft Rig. First of the float is a good way of cat-fishing in ponds. Steps. Gather the materials in the "Things You'll Need" section. Put the knot ... Read More »
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Q: How to Tie a Sea Bass Rig.
A: Sea bass are tasty, plentiful fish off the coast of the northeast. Sea bass fishing is, as any other type of fishing, a challenge. Tying rigs is one of the more... Read More »
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