Maritime timeline

This is a timeline of events in maritime history. About 45,000 BC: first humans arrive in Australia, presumably by boat; About 6,000 BC: earliest evidence of ...

Ships and boats: a timeline - kidcyber

Ships and boats: a timeline. Ships and boats are the oldest types of transport. The first ships were built thousands of years ago. Ships and boats are used for ...

the history of the boats timeline | Timetoast timelines

the history of the boats, a timeline made with Timetoast's free interactive timeline making software.


HISTORY OF BOATS AND SHIPS including Messing about in boats, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Sailboat history timeline - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

Apr 2, 2011 ... Ice boats in Scandinavia. 1200 BCE: Greek and ... to land in North America. The first of the great explorations in this sailboat history timeline.

Ranger Boats Timeline

Please download the latest Flash player to view this content. loading... X. © 2007 Ranger Boats.

Timeline development of viking ships and norse wooden boats

This timeline lists ship finds that represent increments in the development of the ... Such boats could be made on short notice during all seasons from simple ...

Submarine History 1914-1941: A Timeline of Development

The skipper of a British destroyer found himself sitting above a U-boat he could see, but not touch. "What we need," a staff officer mused, "is some sort of bomb to  ...

Ancient Egypt: Ships and Boats

From earliest times Egyptians built boats for transportation, fishing and enjoyment . Their importance in every day life is reflected in the role they played in ...

Boats Through the Ages - RNLI

Activities: Look at images of different boats on the whiteboard and drag them into the correct era. View the finished timeline, with boats from 8200BC to 2005AD.

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