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Timeline: Video Games
1958: Physicist Willy Higinbotham invents the first "video game" at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York. His game, a table tennis-like game, was played on an oscilloscope.
1961: Steve Russell, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), creates Spacewar, the first interactive computer game.
1966: Ralph Baer, an engineer at Sanders Associates, receives support from his company (a military electronics consulting firm in NH) to explore his idea of creating interactive games using a television.


A timeline of video game console releases. See also History of video games. Date, Console, Date production was discontinued. 1972. Autumn, Magnavox ...


Future. Loading 320k ... PlayStation Portable. In a direct challenge to Game Boy's dominance of. the handheld console market, Sony releases the. PlayStation ...


As you shall see below, the evolution of video game consoles is indeed ... bits and pieces of fascinating historical facts across the video game consoles timeline .

Sep 29, 2013 ... A look at the major home video game consoles. The date refers to when each console was released in the United States.


-Console * Fairchild Channel F * Atari 2600 * Bally Astrocade * Magnavox Odyssey * Intellivision -Handheld * Game * Watch * Milton Bradley Microvision


The Evolution of Gaming Consoles. Timeline. 1967. - Brown Fox ... Pong Console , Atari would go on to create the Atari Video Computer System (Renamed the ...


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Nintendo Entertainment System 1983; TurboDuo 21 Sep 1991 - Dec 1995; Super ... Bally Astrocade 1977; Pioneer LaserActive 1993; PSX (video game console) ...