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Salon Tipping Etiquette: How Much to Tip | POPSUGAR Beauty


Tipping is a custom that allows you to express appreciation for a job well done. But when it comes to salon, spa, and nail services, it can be hard to decide who ...

Rules of Tipping at the Hair Salon| InStyle.com


Jul 26, 2015 ... Not sure what to tip after getting the cut or color of your life? Here, three salon experts give the lowdown on tipping policy.

Tipping 101: How to properly tip at your salon - AOL


Jan 7, 2016 ... Proper tipping etiquette at the salon isn't the same as tipping at a restaurant or tipping your taxi driver, there are several key tips (no pun ...

Nail Salon Manicure Tipping Etiquette - Refinery29


Mind Your Manners At The Nail Salon. ... But understanding what's polite when it comes to tipping, requesting post-pedi smudge interventions, and conducting ...

How Much Should You Really Tip for Beauty Services? - Birchbox


Find out how much to tip your hairdresser, manicurist, and facialist with ... we've put together this handy guide to answer the most frequently asked questions: ... Q : My salon offers free bang trims—how much should I tip for those, if at all?

How Much To Tip Shampoo Girl, Hairdresser - Refinery29


The Savvy Gal's Guide To Tipping Etiquette. ... even if it's just 2 people at a casual eatery with minimal service or a quick nail polish change at a no-frills salon.

How Much to Tip Your Hairstylist: The Ultimate Guide


We tell you exactly how much to tip your hairstylist in this ultimate guide for hair ... Scott Fontana, a celebrity stylist, owner of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, ...

Salon and Fitness Etiquette: From Who to Tip to What to Do When a ...


Oct 6, 2014 ... The proper salon etiquette—from late arrivals to tipping guidelines to botched color jobs.

Are You Tipping the Right Amount at the Salon? | Beautylish


Aug 5, 2013 ... Tipping at a restaurant is easy, but at the salon, it's a little more complicated. ... Here's a guide for tipping the shampoo person at your salon, ...

General Tipping Guide - The Emily Post Institute, Inc.


The following chart covers tipping guidelines for three of the most common times tipping is expected: at restaurants, during travel, and at salons. For more ...

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Hair salon etiquette: How much should you tip your hairstylist ...


Apr 12, 2016 ... Not sure how much to tip your hairstylist? You're not alone. After all, the relationships you form in a salon can be the most intimate in your life.

How Much Should You Tip Your Hairdresser, Plus 11 Other Answers ...


Apr 3, 2015 ... (Well, really, how much you should tip anyone ever, but let's do one thing at a time.) No one gets a basic crash course on salon etiquette ...

Guide to Tipping - Oprah.com


Turns out most salon owners welcome gratuities. "Not tipping the owner is an old tradition that's dying out," Post says. She recommends 15 to 20 percent of the ...