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Tire Pressure Chart found in: What is the Recommended Tire Pressure for New Tires?, (PDF Document: vibechart.pdf), Tire Tech Information - Air..


The first place to look for the correct air pressure for your specific tires is your vehicle owner's manual. Correct air pressure should also be listed on the tire ...


Maintaining correct tire air pressure is an important part of vehicle maintenance. ... per square inch (PSI) listed on your vehicle's tire placard or owner's manual.


For inflation pressure recommendations for the original equipment (OE) size, refer to the tire information placard (T.I.P.) or owner's manual. The T.I.P. is ...


We mention 'cold' pressure because that means you're filling up your tires at the ... pressure for your car on a sticker in the door jam, or in your owner's manual.


Use our online tire pressure monitor tool to find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.


Read expert advice from Dunlop on the importance of checking your tyre pressure regularly and follow a simple guide to performing these checks.


Your Tire Pressure Checker 101 Guide – Learn How to Check your Tire Pressure and Maintain the Right Tire Pressure over time.


Checking your tire pressure is an important task in properly maintaining your tires . Learn how to check tire pressure for your vehicle with this easy-to-use guide.