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Your tongue has been pierced by a professional body piercer and pierced using an ... ( 8 to 16 weeks) it's not healed and care must be exercised in handling it.

How to Take Care of Your Tongue Piercing (with Pictures)


How to Take Care of Your Tongue Piercing. If you get a tongue piercing, it is crucial that you take care of it properly. Tongue piercings can easily become ...

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Tongue piercing carries some risk, but good aftercare can greatly reduce the chances of a complication. There are often millions of bacteria in the mouth that, ...

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Weird or not people choose tongue piercing as a fashion detail and self- expression. Aftercare is a simple procedure in the care of any body piercing from simple ...

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A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete. This is ... During healing floss daily, and gently brush your teeth, tongue and jewelry.

Aftercare - Piercology


Body & Facial Piercing Aftercare | Oral Piercing Aftercare | Surface ... often we can help you with this process so that you don't lose your piercing. .... If you are cleaning too often, the top of your tongue will start to turn a white to yellowish color.

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Aug 30, 2013 ... Men's Clothing · Women's Clothing · Shop By Brand · Backpacks, Purses, .... Try not to bang your toothbrush into your new tongue piercing or snag it with ... Oral Piercing Aftercare during the tongue piercing healing process. ... Following tongue piercing care rules #1, #4 and #5 above are a...

4 Ways to Take Care of Your New Mouth Piercing - wikiHow


The optimal way to care for your piercing is to rinse your mouth... ... (Signs of over -cleaning include a very white or yellow looking tongue.) ... you purchase a new soft-bristle toothbrush to use during the initial healing period. ... Any of these activities can increase the chances for infection and may prolong the healing process.

Tongue Piercings: the Healing Process and Pictures | TatRing


Jan 12, 2016 ... Learn about how your tongue piercing heals and view a variety of different pictures. ... You'll need to use a good mouthwash to help clean your mouth, but .... to do so as much people put a new bar in and there tounge swells again. ...... better for your tongue( Listerine , crest , name brand stuff, or the kind for ...

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Q: What is tongue piercing aftercare.
A: New Piercing Aftercare:1)Clean your tongue piercing after everything other than water for the next 7 days, once in the Read More »
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Q: Tongue piercing aftercare.
A: Rinse your mouth out with mouth wash that does not have alcohol in it. Move the barbell around so it gets inside the hole. Rinse it out every time you drink and... Read More »
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Q: Tongue Piercing Aftercare?
A: Keep your mouth clean. Brush twice a day and use mouthwash twice a day and when you eat try to make it - as best as possible - so that the food doesnt touch the... Read More »
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Q: Tongue piercing aftercare details?
A: Some people eat fine the same day, and some take a week or so. Just depends on what you feel comfortable with. Most people can go for a downsize after the swell... Read More »
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Q: Tongue piercing aftercare?
A: Clean your tongue piercing after everything other than water for the next 7 days, once in the morning and again at night check to ensure the balls are tight on ... Read More »
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