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Dec 18, 2013 ... What is a Tragus Piercing? The “Tragus” is referred as the oval small cartilage flap which is located right outside the ear canal. Piercings made ...

36 Unique Tragus Piercing Examples with Tragus Info Guide


Aug 13, 2016 ... Tragus and Anti-Tragus Piercing information about pain, costs, infections, healing time and aftercare with 36 unique tragus piercing jewelry ...

Tragus Piercing - Healing Time, Pain, Infection, Jewelry Types, Cost


What is tragus piercing - does it involve pain, the cost, healing time and types of jewelry that can be used - complete information.

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Aug 26, 2016 ... Piercing it involves perforating the cartilage with a small-guage, hollow needle and inserting jewelry, either a ring or a stud. The tragus is ...

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Surface tragus piercing rejection A good piercer must be able to drill through flesh for a secure fit without ... Be diligent in proper aftercare and it should be fine.

Tragus (Ear) Piercing Information, Procedure, Healing and Infections


Oct 9, 2010 ... What is Tragus Piercing? Tragus is the small cartilage nub which projects out from near the way leading to the ear canal. It has been a trend ...

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Tragus piercing is one of the less painful piercing of all types.Average healing time 2 to 4 months. Cost around $40 to $50.

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Oct 4, 2016 ... Tragus Piercing is the process of piercing the small cartilage that is at the end of the ear canal. Care should be taken to ensure that the Tragus ...

Tragus Piercing - What to know about this ear piercing.


Tragus Jewelry. The great thing about a tragus piercing is that it's so popular that you have a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. Labret studs, barbells and ...

The Significant Tragus Piercing Aftercare to Follow


Tragus piercing needs special care to avoid possible complications or infection and it is very important that you follow the tragus piercing aftercare to ensure.

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A tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus, which projects immediately in front of the ear canal, for the purpose of inserting and wearing a piece of jewelry. More »
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When it comes to the types of jewelry you can use in your tragus piercing, you have a number of options. It is popular to ...

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1 Does Tragus Piercing Hurt More Than Cartilage; 2 Tragus Piercing Pain Level; 3 Tragus Piercing Aftercare; 4 Tragus Piercing Healing Time; 5 Tragus Piercing ...

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Dec 2, 2014 ... It also looks really cool with all sorts of jewelry in it. It's truly a versatile piercing, and completely unobstructive. I have both of my traguses ...