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Alcohol laws of Massachusetts


Individuals can transport alcohol without a license, up to but not exceeding, twenty gallons of malt beverages, ...

General Laws: CHAPTER 138, Section 22


Section 22. Any person may, but only for his own use and that of his family and guests, transport alcoholic beverages or alcohol, without any license or permit, ...

APIS - Transportation: Open Containers of Alcohol in Motor Vehicles


Transportation: Open Containers of Alcohol in Motor Vehicles. Laws that prohibit open containers of alcoholic beverages in the passenger compartments of ...

Limitations on transporting lawfully purchased alcoholic beverages ...


A. The transportation of alcoholic beverages lawfully purchased in the ... or four liters if any part of the alcohol being transported is held in metric-sized containers , ... are provided by CourtListener, which is developed by the Free Law Project.

Transporting alcohol - Police Forums & Law Enforcement Forums ...


Transporting alcohol. Okay, I was just wondering, I am 20 yoa, if I had an unopened bottle of wine packed in a suitcase in the trunk and the ...

Minors Purchasing & Transporting Alcohol - Boston Criminal Lawyer


Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 138 governs the purchase and transportation of alcohol by minors in Massachusetts. In particular, two sections are ...

Illegal Transportation of Alcohol Laws in Il - Guides - Avvo


Apr 16, 2010 ... It is illegal to transport any alcoholic beverage in the passenger area of a motor vehicle unless the liquid is in its original container and the seal ...

Massachusetts Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) Charges and ...


Laws Ann. 138 Section 34A.) The law also prohibits minors from knowingly possessing, transporting, or carrying alcohol. (Ma. Gen. Laws Ann. 138 Section 34C.) ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board


Please be advised that it is the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor ... the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“Board”), which enforces the liquor laws in ...

KNOW THE LAWS - Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board


This information is not intended to be legal advice, but merely ... Purchase, Consumption, Possession or Transportation of Liquor or Malt or Brewed Beverages.

Alcohol Transportation Law
Transportation laws in regards to alcohol vary from state to state, and those who wish to transport alcohol should always be aware of their state's guidelines in order to avoid legal trouble. Those who don't pay attention run the risk of being fined,... More »
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How to Transport Alcohol Over State Lines - Moving Guru Guide


Dec 16, 2012 ... In fact, since Tennessee abandoned its foolish laws against alcohol transportation two years ago, the only state that prohibits alcohol importing ...

Laws and Regulations Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act


CHAPTER 1 – Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. SUBCHAPTER A - .... State law. The shipment or transportation, in any manner or by any means.

Laws and Penalties for Underage Drinking - Illinois.gov


Underage Drinking Penalties and Alcohol Possession Laws ... automobile by an individual under the age of 21: Transporting alcohol is illegal, and anyone in the  ...