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Caruncle (bird anatomy)


Anatomical structures on the head and throat of a domestic turkey. 1. Caruncles, 2. Snood, 3. Wattle (dewlap), 4. Major caruncle, 5. Beard. A caruncle is defined as 'a small, fleshy excrescence ...

What's A Snood? A Wattle? Talking Turkey About A Popular Bird ...


Nov 22, 2011 ... Wild Turkeys are interesting creatures with a unique appearance, a complex social ... A Male Wild Turkey showing wattles, snood and beard

Turkey Snoods - The Infinite Spider


Nov 22, 2014 ... What is a turkey snood and why do turkeys care? ... Jakes and Gobblers both have beards or modified feathers that dangle from their chest ...

Wild Turkey Appearance - National Wild Turkey Federation


Wild turkeys are among the most popular game animals in the world. ... Very long beards (longest beards of all subspecies); Second to the Osceola in difficulty of calling in .... The snood functions in both intersexual and intrasexual selection.

Tom or Hen - Pet Turkeys


The snood, like the turkeys head will turn bright red when elongated. ... Beard: The tuft of horse hair like feathers that hang from a turkeys' chest. Almost always ...

Know your Turkey Parts | TPW magazine | November 2005


A primer on snoods, dewlaps and other fleshy appendages. ... the beard is actually a modified feather, even though it appears to be part of the turkey's skin.

Wild Turkey - Tom Grey


Page with pictures of Wild Turkeys. ... As befits a mature male, the bird has an impressive "beard" or mane of hairlike feathers ... This bird's snood is retracted.

Meaning of wild turkey snoods...What is the purpose of a wild ...


Mar 9, 2013 ... What is the purpose of a wild turkey's snood? research and explainations for the vary length and ... Treble Hooked Triple Beard Turkey: What?

Turkey Habitat | Who Are Turkeys?


Male wild turkeys have a beard, which at first glance looks like hair sticking out of ... Males can extend and contract the snood at will, causing it to hang over their ...

Turkey Bonus: What Are These and Why Do Turkeys Have Them ...


Mar 22, 2016 ... The snood is that funny thingy hanging off the top of a male turkey's beak. ... A turkey's beard, as seen on this strutting gobbler, is believed to ...

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Snoods and Wattles? A Turkey's Story | Blog | eNature


Nov 22, 2010 ... Wild Turkeys are interesting creatures with complex social systems. ... 2010 by eNature. A Male Wild Turkey showing wattles, snood and beard

Beards, Spurs and Snoods: Field-Judging Wild Gobblers | Gary Lewis


Differences between young and old and male and female wild turkeys.

Pin the Beard on the Turkey - A Kid's Heart


Pin the Snood on the Turkey! Now, where is Tom Turkey hiding without his snood ? Use the mouse to drag the turkey's snood and let it go where you think Tom ...