Working with Children Jobs for Ashburn, VA 20147
Child Care Teacher Aide
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
· Ashburn, VA
Home Visitor
INMED Partnerships for Children
· Sterling, VA
Camp Counselor
Virginia Academy
· Ashburn, VA
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Work with children and youth who have a variety of disabilities; Modify ... Major will allow students to obtain the skills necessary for a career in special education.

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The group that lets terminally ill children do something they've always wanted, for free? Imagine yourself working behind-the-scenes to help send a child with ...

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Often when students say this to careers advisers, they immediately follow it with “ but I don't want to be a ... So what other careers involve working with children?
Salary: The U.S. Department of Labor reports that in 2008 the median yearly salary for child psychologists was $64,000. Education: In most states, graduation from an accredited master's program, a period of supervised clinical experience and the completion of state lic... More »
By Kendra Cherry, Guide

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One of the most common job areas involving work with children is education. Preschool through elementary education levels offer a variety of job opportunities .

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Starting A Career In Counseling | ... working with the family to ensure the child is provided a safe and comfortable environment to continue their development.

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Make this a September to remember when you land a new job with one of the .... Grow up: 10 bad habits that make you look immature at work ... When asked which child-like behaviors they've witnessed colleagues ... If you want to be challenged every day and never get bored, CB is the place to do this for all career types.

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Graduates might pursue child care-related careers in public or private ... allow individuals to work in all types of settings where child supervision is needed.

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Q: What types of careers can i work with children?
A: Preschool Teacher or program director. Nanny. Children's Therapist: speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist (more schooling needed. Art or ... Read More »
Q: What type of careers are available to work with Autistic Children...
A: There are a number of career paths you could take if you are interested in working with children with Autism. 1. You could go into research. There are a number ... Read More »
Q: What Medical Careers Require Working with the Elderly & Children?
A: These nurses work directly with the elderly. They typically work in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes or in the patient's home. Some duties i... Read More »
Q: What careers involve working with children?
A: elementary teachers. Read More »
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A: You can be the greatest fireman in the united states navy preferably in a main space even if you have a degree which should tell you already what the hell are y... Read More »