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What is the difference between active hub and passive hub?


Since the market for hubs was quite large, a few different types of hubs were introduced to cover different market needs and give the buyer a wider range of ...

What is a Hub - Ethernet and Network Hubs Explained - Lifewire


Oct 19, 2016 ... An Ethernet hub is a basic type of wired network device that allows multiple connected computers to communicate via broadcast ...

Description of 3 different types of hubs


Choosing which type of Hub to go with: There are 3 types of Hubs. 1) HL7 hub -‐ Involves cost. a. Most advanced means of receiving results. b. Practice must ...

What is Hub - What is Computer Hub - WiFi Notes


Apr 3, 2015 ... There are different types of devices that are responsible for the networking, one of them is hub. It is defined as the networking device that is ...

Network switch - Wikipedia


A network switch is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network, by using packet switching to receive, process and forward data to the destination device. Unlik...

What are the different types of hubs - Answers


A hub is any sort of networking gear that has no intelligence about the information passing through it.

Hub Definition - Tech Terms


Jun 27, 2015 ... There are two primary types of hubs in the computing world: 1) network ... It has several Ethernet ports that are used to connect two or more ...

Spoke–hub distribution paradigm - Wikipedia


The spoke-hub distribution paradigm (or model or network) is a system of connections ... additional hubs on a regional basis and to create major routes between them. ... The spoke-hub model is appli...

Router vs Switch vs Hub: What's the Difference? Webopedia


The functions of the router, switch and hub are quite different from one another ... Routers are located at gateways, the places where two or more networks connect . ... for all of your network equipment and handles a data type known as frames. ... as a backup in the event that the primary broadband connection goes down, as ...