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Comparison of karate styles


The table contains a comparison of karate styles. Some of the distinguishing features are listed, such as lineage, general form of stances, and number of kata.

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Jun 1, 2015 ... Karate, an Asian martial art that originated in Okinawa in the early part of the twentieth century, has spread throughout the world.

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Karate is primarily a stand up or striking martial art that is steeped in history. It emerged on the island of Okinawa as a blend of native Okinawan fighting styles ...

Types Of Karate | Information On All The Types Of Karate


Karate, now a worldwide martial art with an estimated 50 – 100 million practitioners, originates from Okinawa in Japan. While martial arts have been taught in ...

List of Major & Minor Martial Arts Styles - Black Belt Wiki


Karate - Karate is a Japanese martial arts style focused on punches, hand/elbow strikes, knee strikes and kicks. Major Karate sub-styles include the following:.

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Apr 6, 2012 ... Learn about the major styles of karate from karate instructor Richard ... In fact, anyone who does Shotokan karate today probably can trace their ...

Japanese Karate: 4 Main Styles of Karate Practiced in Japan


The word “karate” is actually a term in Japanese – “kara” (empty) “te” (hand), meaning to fight hand-to-hand without weapons. Today, four main styles of karate  ...

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From these three villages arose the various styles of karate, two of which were shorei-ryu and shorin-ryu. After studying these two styles of karate in Okinawa, ...

Information about Karate: styles, techniques and types


Karate. What is Karate? Karate is a martial art of Okinawan origin. Okinawa is an island in Japan. Karate is a synthesis of indigenous Okinawan fighting methods ...

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Will these kinds of high stances build leg strength and stamina? Not really. That's not the point either. The stances of Okinawan Karate are meant to be practical ...

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Learn about different types of martial arts - definitions of each


Explanations and definitions of the many different forms of martial arts, including taekwondo, karate, jiu jitsu, and MMA (mixed martial arts).

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It is an assimilation of Karate-like striking and kicking techniques, Judo-like ..... The major traditional styles of karate are Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, and ...

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Today it is common to find both "traditional" and "competitive" styles of karate. Traditional styles being the formal Okinawan styles, and competitive styles being  ...