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A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient. ... Radiation-type thermometers measure the infrared energy emitted by an ...

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There are many different types of thermometer on the market. From probes, to infrared to specialist thermocouples. Learn More Now or Visit our Web Store.

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Learn about the different types of thermometers from the Cleveland Clinic, including digital thermometers, forehead thermometers & more.

The Different Types Of Thermometers And How To Use Them


When you or someone you love has a fever for the first time, the variety of thermometers may seem to be confusing and overwhelming. Here is a guide to basic ...

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Different types of thermometers are intended to be used to measure different types of environments for temperature settings. Choosing the right thermometer for ...

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There are six different types of thermometers. They include digital thermometers, digital ear thermometers, digital pacifier thermometers, temporal artery ...

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Liquid-in-glass thermometers, bimetal thermometers, resistance thermometers, infrared thermometers, gas thermometers and liquid-crystal thermometers are a ...

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Thermometers are devices used for the measurement of temperature. They are mainly of two types – electrical and non-electrical. Thermometers based on ...

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Types of thermometers. Summary of the different kinds of thermometers and what they are used for. Fullscreen; Word · PDF · Print. Types of thermometers.

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Learn about the five types of thermometers that can take your child's ... Knowing how to use a thermometer to measure your child's temperature is important.