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The United States Navy has also used escort aircraft carriers and airship aircraft ... the Ranger-class (the first purpose-built carriers in the American fleet), the ...

Aircraft Carriers List - The US Navy Aircraft Carriers

Information about US Navy Ships, Past and Present.

The US Navy Aircraft Carriers

In over 80% of the times when the World was faced with international violence, the United States has responded with one or more carrier task forces. Over the ...
The ships are routinely sent to international waters, and the air wing teams that travel with each carrier are available to perform a variety of missions ranging from surveillance to strikes. The USS Kitty Hawk is typical of the carriers. It assumed a more public role... More »
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The US Navy's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are among the largest warships ever. They're the tactical and strategic centerpieces of the fleet.

Why The US Navy Should Build Smaller Aircraft Carriers

The aircraft carrier inventory question has always been up for debate, but it has largely centered on the number of hulls and not the physical size of each carrier.


Aircraft carriers and their embarked air wings are the most important weapons systems in the Navy. These large ships never operate alone but as core of a ...

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Aug 16, 2015 ... Far from being obsolete, future aircraft carriers will pack a much more ... The U.S. Navy has devoted a great deal of attention to the prospect of ...

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17 hours ago ... Without an adequate counter, the highly anticipated Dongfeng 21D missile may sink the U.S. Navy's heavy reliance on aircraft carriers by ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What was the first US Navy Aircraft Carrier?
A: The USS Langley (CV-1) although later redesignated in WWII, it was sunk by Japanese dive bombers while ferrying crated P-40 Warhawks, shortly after the battle o... Read More »
Q: How powerful is a US Navy Aircraft Carrier?
A: 'Power' is too vague - In what area ? A current major U.S. air craft carrier group carries enough juice to have it's very own midsized war, should it want to. Read More »
Q: Do US Navy aircraft carriers have SONAR?
A: US Navy Aircraft Carriers do NOT have Sonar (active or passive) for the purposes of ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare)... YES there's a fathometer... but that is mere... Read More »
Q: What u.s. Navy aircraft carrier is #41?
A: The USS Midway was the carrier with the number 41. (CVB 41) ChaCha! Read More »
Q: What was the the first US Navy aircraft carrier?
A: Langley. This ship was built originally as a fleet collier named Jupiter. It was converted to a carrier in 1920. Read More »