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Aircraft carriers are warships that act as airbases for carrier-based aircraft. In the United States ..... See: U.S. Navy Museum#Aircraft-carrier museums ...

The US Navy Aircraft Carriers


Information about US Navy Ships, Past and Present.

US Navy Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers : Navy.com


The US Navy's nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are among the largest warships ever. They're the tactical and strategic centerpieces of the fleet.

Supercarrier Ford to join Navy fleet in September - CNNPolitics.com


Apr 8, 2016 ... The $12.9 billion aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is expected to join the U.S. Navy's fleet in September, a Navy official says.



Aircraft carriers and their embarked air wings are the most important weapons systems in the Navy. These large ships never operate alone but as core of a ...

The U.S. Navy's new $13 billion aircraft carrier will dominate the ...


Mar 12, 2016 ... The CVN-78 is the lead ship in the Ford class of aircraft carriers, replacing some of the U.S. Navy's existing Nimitz-class carriers. At first glance ...

Here Is Every Aircraft Carrier in the World - Popular Mechanics


Jan 25, 2016 ... Only a handful of countries have aircraft carriers in their arsenals. ... Not surprisingly, it's dominated by the U.S. Navy, which boasts 19 of the 36 ...

Navy: Half the Carrier Fleet Tied Up In Maintenance, Other 5 ...


Nov 4, 2015 ... US Navy photo. The Navy has run its 10 aircraft carriers hard since USS Enterprise (CVN-65) decommissioned in December 2012 and is now ...

Special: The Future of Aircraft Carriers - Warrior - Scout


Feb 23, 2016 ... The Navy may consider alternative aircraft carrier configurations in coming years ... challenge the primacy or superiority of U.S. Navy carriers.

These Are The 20 Aircraft Carriers In Service Today - Business Insider


Aug 9, 2012 ... Despite aircraft carriers immense cost, the Navy believes there is no replacing a well-armed, aircraft equipped, sovereign piece of U.S. territory, ...

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The US Navy Aircraft Carriers


Since World War II, the U.S. Navy's carriers have been the national force of choice. In over 80% of the times when the World was faced with international ...

United States Navy Aircraft Carriers from Origin to Present Day


Listing of all aircraft carriers used by the United States Navy in history. ... world's most powerful navy is made possible - at least in part - by the many aircraft carriers that ..... Use of images originating from the US DoD, UK MoD, and other similar ...

Meet the US Navy's new $13 billion aircraft carrier - CNET


Jan 12, 2016 ... The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, seen here in a combination model and live shot photo, is the first in the US Navy's next generation of ...