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In the United States, age of consent laws regarding sexual activity are made at the state level. .... 2243(a) refers to situations where such younger person is under the age of ...... The law also allows a defense if the actor is within 4 years of age of the younger person and the two were in an ongoing dating/romantic relationship.


Jun 1, 2017 ... There are many laws relating to underage dating, depending on the age of the individuals involved and the age difference between the couple.


A two-year age difference isn't particularly alarming, and dating is fairly standard at ... and sentenced him to a mandatory 10 years in prison under Georgia law.


When your teen wants to date someone significantly older or younger, dating ... Although it rarely happens, two teens who are both under the age of consent ...


What are the legal and social problems with dating someone that is underage (for the record I live in Arizona). I met this girl who I see at least ...


So if you are overage (over 18) and the person you want to date is underage ( let's not get specific .... Also no get out, dating someone underage is super weird.


Apr 4, 2017 ... Statutory rape occurs when a person over the age of consent engages in sexual intercourse with someone under the statutory age of consent.


Jul 31, 2017 ... In partnership with Underage Dating Awareness Week, SeekingArrangement. com has spent the week of July 24th, 2017 tackling the tough ...


California law on underage dating applies to sexual conduct with minors. According to California law, an unlawful act of sexual intercourse occurs when an adult ...