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Undulation may refer to: Lateral undulation, the most primitive of vertebrate locomotor patterns; Law of Undulation, an invention of C. S. Lewis; Undulation of the ...

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Undulation definition, an act of undulating; a wavelike motion. See more.

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1 a : a rising and falling in waves b : a wavelike motion to and fro in a fluid or elastic medium propagated continuously among its particles but with little or no ...

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Have you ever looked out over the ocean and watched the water flow up and down in waves? If so, you watched undulation, which is exactly that type of ...

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v. un·du·lat·ed, un·du·lat·ing, un·du·lates. v.intr. 1. To move in waves or with a smooth, wavelike motion: "gleaming seaweed that curls and undulates with the ...

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A regular rising and falling or movement to alternating sides; movement in waves. 2. A wavelike form, outline, or appearance. 3. One of a series of waves or ...

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undulation (plural undulations). an instance or act of undulating; a wavy appearance or outline; waviness; (music) a tremulous tone produced by a peculiar ...

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undulation | the act or an instance of undulating | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations.

[uhn-juh-ley-shuhn, uhn-dyuh-, -duh-]
an act of undulating; a wavelike motion.
a wavy form or outline.
one of a series of wavelike bends, curves, or elevations.
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undulation | Define undulation at Dictionary.com
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