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Apr 5, 2017 ... Is the engine seized because of neglect/rust/corrosion, or is it because .... At this point the starter motor was tried but the battery was too weak.

Mar 14, 2012 ... Best stuck motor concoction I know is 50/50 acetone (Fingernail polish remover) & ATF or Marvel Mystery Oil. Cheap ATF works best. I've used ...
Apr 3, 2010 ... Breaking loose a seized motor in a Jeep CJ-7. Fun garage gearhead stuff.


Much as we like working on our old engines, there's a limit to what many of us can handle, and a seized engine is pretty much that limit. But don't throw in the ...


How to free a seized,corroded or neglected engine. ... it off means a safer alternative is to use a lever on the ring gear through the starter motor aperture.


<P>Is this an advisable way to free a seized engine?? My '40 Chrysler hasn't turned .... and compression was ok! (not a magic "motor-up" story) ...


As I mentioned in a comment elsewhere in this thread, there's seized and then there's SEIZED. A friend was racing an Yamaha RD400, a two-stroke twin. In the .


Engines rarely seize, but when they do, it is almost always due to a long period of nonoperation. When an engine seizes, one or more pistons have literally ...


I have used that same method MANY times to free up stuck engines, .... My little problem is a British Seagull outboard motor which looks as if its ...