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Male fetal pigs have an urogenital opening located behind the umbilical cord. ... The male's internal reproductive system has two scrotal sacs, which ... Similar to the female system, it may be ...

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Female: Look for a single urogenital opening just ventral to the anus. ... Identify and describe the functions of the main organs of the digestive system. 2. .... Whether your pig is male or female, make the second incision (2M) as a half circle ...

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the major organs as you explore the extent of each system. ... maturing females. ... o Male: The scrotal sac is ventral to the anus and a urogenital opening is.

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Urogenital System. #3- ... both male and female pigs and their reproductive structures. Locate all three .... Pig Lab #6 - Urogenital System - see packet page 16.

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Jul 31, 2012 ... A&P - Female reproductive system on a fetal pig ... Fetal Pig Dissection: 5.1 Ventral View of Urogenital System of a Male - Duration: 2:06.
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Nov 25, 2009 ... Anna goes over the reproduction system of the male fetal pig. ... Fetal Pig Dissection: 5.1 Ventral View of Urogenital System of a Male - Duration: 2:06. ... Introduction to Female Reproductive Anatomy - 3D Anatomy Tutorial ...

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Laboratory 8 - Urinary and Reproductive Systems ... female, observe these structures in a male pig being dissected by ... urogenital opening to expose the penis.

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... for the fetal pig. It includes most of the Urogenital System parts.

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Determine if your specimen is male or female by looking closely at the ... If the pig is male, it will have a small urogenital opening immediately behind the ... Spleen - the spleen is not part of the digestive system; it helps filter the pig's blood.

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In the male, the opening is on the ventral surface of the pig just posterior to the ..... Label the diagram of the female urogenital system on your day 5 hand-in.

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If they are not injected, the circulartory system is very difficult to view. ... If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is present ... Both males and females have rows of nipples, and the umbilical cord will be present in both.

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... region · Lumbar region · Quizzes · About. This chapter will explore the reproductive organs of the fetal pig. To begin, please choose a sex: Male · Female ...

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Cryptorchid - A male pig whose testes have not descended through the ... of herd fertility when farrowing rates and numbers of pigs per female per year are ...