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The following is a partial list of linguistic example sentences illustrating various linguistic ... In these sentences, the word police is used both as a collective noun ("police force") and as a verb ("to police [someone or something]"). ..... a Cognitive Architecture Based on Activation Decay and Simulated Annealing" ( PDF).


How to use annealing in a sentence. Example sentences with the word annealing. annealing example sentences.


How to use annealed in a sentence. Example sentences with the word annealed. annealed example sentences.


Example sentences for Anneal. Read this page and learn how to use Anneal in a sentence.


Anneal definition: to temper or toughen (something) by heat treatment | Meaning, pronunciation, ... Example sentences containing 'anneal'. Whatever ... Used Rarely. anneal is in the lower 50% of commonly used words in the Collins dictionary.


Definition of anneal - heat (metal or glass) and allow it to cool slowly, in order to remove ... 'the chimneys of annealing furnaces' ... More example sentences.


use "anneal" in a sentence. Full anneal Full annealing temperature ranges A full anneal typically results in the second most ductile state a metal can assume for ...


anneal in a sentence. ... See anneal defined for English-language learners ... It has come to be used in the context of DNA research, in reference to the heating ...


Anneal definition, to heat (glass, earthenware, metals, etc.) to remove or prevent internal stress. See more.