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Use annealing in a sentence | annealing sentence examples


How to use annealing in a sentence. Example sentences with the word annealing. annealing example sentences.

Use annealed in a sentence | annealed sentence examples


How to use annealed in a sentence. Example sentences with the word annealed. annealed example sentences.

anneal - definition of anneal in English from the Oxford dictionary


Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. ... By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. .... be annealed after bending or they will be brittle (as adjective annealing) the ...

Anneal | Define Anneal at Dictionary.com


Anneal definition, to heat (glass, earthenware, metals, etc.) ... verb (used with object). 1. ... And without these chastening factors to temper, soften and anneal, the ...

anneal meaning - definition of anneal by Mnemonic Dictionary


MnemonicDictionary.com - Meaning of anneal and a memory aid (called ... anneal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word anneal ... Example Sentence.

use ductile in a sentence, make example sentences of the word ...


example sentences for ductile, use ductile in a sentence. ... Full anneal Full annealing temperature ranges A full anneal typically results in the second most ...

Anneal | Definition of Anneal by Merriam-Webster


That sense has become obsolete, however, and nowadays anneal is associated with a much more recent technological development. It has come to be used in ...

Anneal - definition of anneal by The Free Dictionary


Define anneal. anneal synonyms, anneal pronunciation, anneal translation, English dictionary definition of anneal. v. an·nealed , an·neal·ing , an·neals v. tr. 1 . To subject to a ... Please log in or register to use bookmarks. You can also log in  ...

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Lexical Disambiguation using Simulated Annealing. Jim Cowie, Joe ... all the words in the sentence simultaneously. ... use the local context of the word to be.

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Vocabulary words for Barrons words with example usage sentences. ... relieve ( Eg: This should alleviate the pain; if it does not, we shall have to use stronger drugs. ) ..... After the glass is annealed, it will be less subject to chipping and cracking.

anneal in a sentence
After the annealing process the material can be cut to size, drilled or polished.
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Use anneal in a sentence | anneal sentence examples


How to use anneal in a sentence. Example sentences with the word anneal. anneal example sentences.

Anneal | Definition, meaning & more | Collins Dictionary


Anneal | to temper or toughen (something) by heat treatment | Definition, pronunciation, examples & translations. ... Example sentences containing 'anneal '.

Sentences and phrases with the word anneal - Word Hippo


Looking for sentences or phrases with the word anneal? Here are some examples.