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How to use fodder in a sentence. Example sentences with the word fodder. fodder example sentences.

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Use Fodder in a sentence. The celebrity's arrest made great fodder for the tabloid journalists. When the new vampire book came out, it was great fodder for ...

Fodder | Definition of Fodder by Merriam-Webster


food given to horses, cows, etc. : material that is used for a particular purpose. Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary. Examples: fodder in a sentence.

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Example sentences ... person or thing regarded only as material for a specific use : young people ending up as factory fodder ... Words that rhyme with fodder.

Definition of “fodder” | Collins English Dictionary


Definition of “fodder” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. ... verb. ( transitive) to supply (livestock) with fodder ... Example Sentences Including ' fodder'.

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4 days ago ... cannon fodder definition, meaning, what is cannon fodder: If you describe ... You need to be careful about its position in a sentence, and the prepositions or verb patterns that come after it. I'll start ... When we use it with a noun,.

Definition of “cannon fodder” | Collins English Dictionary


Example Sentences Including 'cannon fodder'. By rights, it should be obvious cannon fodder for a dispirited Opposition. Forbes, Bryan A Song at Twilight.

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Usually soldiers who are used as "fodder" during an attack to use up enemy fire before launching an attack. Cannon Fodder is usually made up of useless units ...

fodder Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary


fodder definition, meaning, what is fodder: food that is given to cows, horses, and other farm animals. ... You need to be careful about its position in a sentence, and the prepositions or verb patterns that come after ... When we use it with a noun,.

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Aug 21, 2013 ... The dangling so at the end of a sentence can be used to avoid ... I will, so as to provide the discussion with as much fodder over which to chew.

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fodder definition: The definition of fodder is art material or something that is in ... fodder. Play fod·der. Use fodder in a sentence. LINK / CITE ADD TO WORD LIST.

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She often used her friends' problems as fodder for her novels. His antics always make good fodder for the gossip columnists. If you're thinking beer and buzz ...

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He had put aside a large quantity of fodder to feed his animals for the winter.The foreign troops were used as fodder to slow the advance of the enemy.