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The pre-decimal penny (1d) was a coin worth 1/240th of a pound sterling. Its symbol was d, ... by decimalisation, and was replaced by the decimal penny which had a value 140% more (referring to the fact that the old pound held 240 pence).


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Values of Coins of UK - The Penny. ... 7 18 70 300 1808 unique. Large copper coins dated 1799 are almost certainly halfpence. ... Victoria Old Head. Year F VF  ...


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Aug 11, 2010 ... Today the Mint Museum, British Museum and the University of London ... It is certainly the case that old pre-decimal pennies are still used today as .... regards to people who can value coins, I have many coins of an old age, ...


May 11, 2016 ... It may be worth checking your old coppers every now and then before you ... A rare old penny was last week sold for a whopping £72,000.


ONE PENNY COIN. 1882. £820. EX RARE. NO H ON PENNY COIN ..... Back To Main British Coin Prices .... OLD HEAD PENNY COINS. 1895. 5.395.8306. £1.


Jul 8, 2014 ... Do your research to see if you can discover your old coins' value ... are any rare coins or special British coins that might interest a collector.