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Old US Penny Values | Discover Their Value - Coin Values Discovery


Old US penny values are determined by using the grading images to judge condition ... Minimum values range from $18 for the later years 1839-1857 to $350 or ...

Which Old Pennies Are The Most Valuable? | The U.S. Coin Guide


Most of the valuable dates occurred among old Lincoln wheat ear pennies, and principally during the first 25 years or so of the Lincoln cent's run. Values for ...

Most Valuable Pennies: A List Of 43 US Pennies Worth Holding Onto!


A list of the most valuable pennies that you should be looking for in your change. These 43 ... My love for coins began when I was 11 years old. I primarily collect ...

25 Most Valuable Pennies (Updated 2017) | CoinTrackers.com


Here is a cool list that details the top 25 most valuable pennies ever minted in the United States of America (updated: 2015). These coin values / worths are not ...

What Is An Old Penny Worth? - The US Coin Guide - Fun Times Guide


And, yes, some old pennies can be both very rare and very valuable. ..... though both your pennies were made many years ago, they're still worth face value.

Wheat Pennies (1909 to 1956) Values | CoinTrackers.com Project


All Wheat Pennies are worth more than their face value of .01 cent. ... poor condition, but those in good condition (not including special years) are worth at least ...

Those Old Wheat Cents in Your Dresser Might Be Worth a Fortune


Feb 5, 2014 ... From wheat pennies right on up to $20 gold pieces, old coins are worth money. ... In the year 1909, there were 4 different varieties of the Wheat cent made. ... more likely to exist when a coin has a high value like one of these.

Value of Old Pennies - Antiques - LoveToKnow


Have you ever wondered about the value of old pennies mixed in with your spare change? ... The first large penny coin was struck for only one year, 1793.

1909-1982 Lincoln Copper Penny Melt Value - Coinflation


3 days ago ... 1909-1982 copper cent values (also known as the penny) are updated daily. ... The "Year" column lists the year and mint mark on the coin -- D is for .... I believe that the old saying, "A coin is only worth what someone will pay ...

Top 10 Most Valuable Pennies | eBay


Because of the value, enterprising forgers cover 1943 steel pennies with a layer of copper. ... In general, the mints strike millions of pennies every year, but in 1877, they struck only 852,500 pennies. ... How to Clean Old Wheat Pennies.