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Examples of Vampire Glyphs from the real VC; Examples of Vampire Glyphs from Antiquity; Examples of Vampire Glyphs from fiction; The Word “Vampire” In ...


The complete Icelandic staves / Ásatrú symbol series. Each artwork is representing an element. They are presented here in the following order : fire, earth, metal, ...


Ancient Vampire Symbols | Vampire Art Gallery » Vampire Clan Symbols. Ancient Vampire Symbols | ancient vampire symbols image search results.


Aaron Mobley - Heart of Afrika Designs Adinkra Cloth Symbols Chart Click here for a detailed view of the Adinkra Cloth Symbols Chart: ...


The Vampire Diaries have appeared in different images and forms which are considered symbols of power, corruption and many other meanings.


This is an organized gallery of Vampire: The Masquerade symbols. The symbol project is presented...


May 22, 2012 ... Tag Archives: symbols. Myths, Images, Metaphors and Symbols ... Sang/ Sanguinarian, Ancient Egyptian Gods, Human Living Vampires.


Vampire Bat: A classic symbol of a vampire. No reflections in the mirror; Speed; holy water; crucifixes; The nightime; Fangs; Claws; Blood; Not being able to be ...


By Sarah Dorrance The serpent eating its own tail is not an image specific to vampires, or even associated traditionally with vampires. It is a very old symbol.