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Vampyre Glyphs & Symbols | The South African Vampi(y)re Culture ...


Examples of Vampire Glyphs from the real VC: ... about the similarity in design and placement to the fictional “Blade” archetype of symbols found in Prague.

Dark Ages: Vampire symbols - White Wolf - Wikia


This is an organized gallery of Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire symbols. The...

Vampire Symbols and Meanings | Universal Symbols from French ...


Vampire Symbols and Meanings | Universal Symbols from French company BEAL on Custom MILLTONE | See more about Symbols, Symbols And Meanings  ...

Ancient Vampire Symbols - Pinterest


Ancient Vampire Symbols | Ancient Vampire Symbols a set by rosaumbra | See more about Vampires and Symbols.



Myths-Dreams-Symbols Was Designed By Cre8tiveThinking.com. ... There are undead vampires, supernatural vampires, vampire deities, vampire demons, ...

Myths, Images, Metaphors and Symbols | Celebrating the culture of ...


May 22, 2012 ... Greetings,. There are many labels and beliefs as to what best defines a vampire and how to describe the particular types. The definitions seem ...

The Vampire Project: The Vampire and Holy Symbols


In _Vampire_Junction_ by S.P. Somtow, Valentine the vampire has outgrown any fear of silver or religious symbols, but younger vampires believe that such ...

Symbols | Sanguinarius.org for Real Vampires


By Sarah Dorrance The serpent eating its own tail is not an image specific to vampires, or even associated traditionally with vampires. It is a very old symbol.

Chinese characters/symbols/words - vampire; bloodsucker


Search Chinese Symbols/Words: ... vampire (A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people.) ...

Ancient Vampire Symbols | Flickr


A new project, based upon White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade game. I designed these symbols to be an ancient representation of the earliest lineages of ...

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Vampire: The Masquerade symbols - White Wolf - Wikia


This is an organized gallery of Vampire: The Masquerade symbols. The symbol project is presented...

Ancient Vampire Symbols And Their Meanings Ancient ... - Pinterest


Ancient Vampire Symbols And Their Meanings Ancient vampire symbols | See more about Symbols, Vampires and Hunters.

Ancient Vampire Symbols - Pinterest


The sephera of the tree was a symbol of transcendence, associated with the god Mercury (the guide of spirits), who is depicted with wings. This image is a ...