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As more and more people discover Wikipedia, the frequency of vandalism .... The reasons people choose to leave and attack their former community are not ...

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Jan 31, 2012 ... Vandalism includes a wide variety of acts, including graffiti, damaging ... There are a number of reasons why a teen might vandalize property.

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by an examination of reasons why vandalism may be tolerated in , some situations. Several ... Vandalism consists of the willful or malicious destruction, in- .

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Dec 3, 2015 ... School vandalism has negative economic, psychological, and educational implications for education. Then again, very much watched over ...

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Page Count: 14. Annotation: Types and causes of vandalism are described from a psychological perspective. Abstract: The high rate of vandalism in Europe and ...

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Vandalism is caused by people who think it is funny damage peoples property. Normally caused by peer pressure when told to vandalise they feel they.

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A BLOG ABOUT DESTRUCTION OF SCHOOL PROPERTY, VANDALISM .... vandalism by emotional reasons (the vandal is committing the crime because he's ...


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The price of vandalism. • Millions of dollars each year are spent on cleaning up graffiti and repairing or replacing vandalized equipment. • Local governments ...

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According to FindLaw, some of the effects of vandalism include graffiti, damage ... A: Reasons for vandalism include boredom, anger, racial and ethnic tensions, ...

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One reason for this may be that schools define vandalism very differently—some include both intentional and accidental damage, some report only those ...