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Most of the dozen or more species of the genus Phoenix (family Palmae) are grown as ... Often called the edible date, it has few alternate names except in regional dialects. .... It became a profitable crop, especially in the Coachella Valley.

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Dates - Fruit in Palm Springs. ... In 1903, Bernard Johnson brought 129 Algerian deglet noor palm shoots to the Coachella Valley. ... The crystals are teeny pieces of dried dates that reconstitute in water - perfect for baking. ... Oasis Date Gardens offers a wide variety of dates, ship world-wide and accept on-line orders .

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Medjool dates cannot be categorized as dried fruit, Deglet Noor Dates are more ... produce from the Hernandez Farm of the Coachella Valley and the same quality can be ... The Ramadan Date is a variety of date that is edible before ripening.

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Flying Disc Ranch is renowned for growing some of the best tasting dates in America. Five of the varieties grown originated in North Africa and the Middle East: Medjhool (Morocco), Derrie (Iraq), Barhi ... All female phoenix palms produce edible food. ... 9 were replanted in the Coachella Valley where they prosper today.



There are many edible palm fruits, and one of the most widespread and ... Now the date industry in the United States is localized mostly in the Coachella Valley, ... Today the new varieties, mostly introduced in this century, produce about 40 ...

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Oasis Date Gardens (ODG) has been certified organic since October of 2000. ... home of the superb Medjool Date and many other interesting and delicious date varieties. ... California dates have grown in the desert oasis of the Coachella Valley of ... There is a large selection of dried fruits, nuts, honey - unique foods and ...

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of the date palms in Nevada landscapes are proven varieties. .... This is the smallest edible date palm grown in the USA. ...... Coachella Valley Soil Survey.

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Palms are not unfamiliar to South Texans since many varieties are grown in this area. ... The Coachella Valley, which produces 50% of the dates consumed in the ... has to be pollinated by hand to produce edible fruit because its lack of nectar ...

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Jun 10, 2014 ... "These agricultural explorers were kind of like the Indiana Joneses of the ... One of the early date moguls in the Coachella Valley, circa 1940s.

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Oct 17, 2007 ... Hundreds of varieties of dates are grown throughout the world, about 12 of ... Most U.S. dates — 95 percent — are grown in California's Coachella Valley, .... Though dried dates could be used for such a dessert, I prefer the ...

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Q: How did the date industry begin in the Coachella Valley?
A: In the early years of the twentieth century, ranchers received date plantings from the USDA as an incentive to settle the region. Read More »
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Jul 31, 2014 ... This article serves as an introduction to date palms and the varieties of ... Date palms in Coachella Valley- these are all edible date producers.

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The endosperm is the coconut "meat" which is dried and sold as "copra. ... In the arid Coachella Valley of southern California, many varieties of dates are grown ...

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Mar 31, 2014 ... ... in the Coachella Valley into urban coastal Southern California landscapes. ... However, some varieties of dates can be eaten at a less than a mature ... and because nearly all edible date palms in the landscape are female, ...

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Date Palms can be found in many locations in the Coachella Valley. Dates are ... You however, can choose from many varieties of packed whole dates. They also sell chopped dates, dried dates, and the wonderful date crystals. The date ...