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White spirit


White spirit (UK) or mineral spirits (US), also known as mineral turpentine, turpentine substitute, petroleum spirits, solvent naphtha (petroleum), varsol, Stoddard ...

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Varsol fluids are traditional solvents that are also known as mineral spirits or white ... Varsol solvents provide the advantage of controlled narrow boiling ranges ...

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Varsol* is a brand name for a premium quality, pure, low odour paint thinner with a medium to fast evaporation rate. Its low odour and low flammability makes it ...


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Product Name: VARSOL SOLVENT. Product Description: Petroleum Hydrocarbons. MSDS Number: 15853. Intended Use: Solvent. COMPANY IDENTIFICATION.

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So I've got Varsol, mineral spirits, and paint thinner. Any thoughts on what the actual difference is in them? They all look, smell, and behave the ...

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High quality, low odour paint thinner - Thins oil-based paints and varnishes - Cleans brushes and rollers - Automotive cleaning to remove oil and grease

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Stoddard Solvent (alias of Varsol). CAS RN:8052-41-3. Health Effects. 0.2.1 SUMMARY OF EXPOSURE. ACUTE EXPOSURE. A) USES: Hydrocarbons ...

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Mechanical Property Data ExxonMobil Varsol™ 30 Non-dearomatized Fluid, ExxonMobil Varsol™ 40 Non-dearomatized Fluid, ExxonMobil Varsol™ 60 ...

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NAICS Code: 444120-3; NAICS Description: This applies to owners or managers of establishments where Varsol is kept or stored for painting or spraying and ...

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Varsol™ fluids - ExxonMobil Chemical


These traditional solvents have been widely used in industry for decades as a replacement for kerosene.

Varsol* Paint Thinner - Anti-freeze, windshield wash, solvents ...


Varsol* is a brand name for a high quality and pure paint thinner with a medium to fast evaporation rate. Its moderate odour and low flammability makes it safer ...



COMBUSTIBLE LIQUID AND VAPOR. See section 11 for more detailed information on health effects and symptoms. Continued on next page. Varsol. 13- 374HD.