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The main article for this category is Victorian cuisine. Pages in category "Victorian cuisine". The following ... English cuisine · Historical foods · Victorian culture ....

Victorian Food For The Rich & Poor Children


Victorian food and what was eaten varied hugely at the time between the rich and the poor and this was the same for children too. Rich children ate extremely ...

Victorians - food facts - History cookbook - Cookit!


1. The Victorians appreciated good food. The Victorians valued good cooking and food. However, there were great differences between what the rich and poorer ...

The Victorian Pantry, Authentic Vintage Recipies


For Victorian enthusiasts and anyone wanting authentic Victorian recipies, many ... The above will be found very wholesome and satisfactory food for children.

Victorian Cooking Recipes - Home Page - Recipes Past and Present


Victorian cooking recipes. ... Meat Dishes · Poultry and Game ... to an old cookery book dating fom late Victorian times which contains 100's of cooking recipes.

What did rich Victorians eat? | Reference.com


Rich Victorians ate French cuisine consisting of rich meats, fish and desserts. The rich people of this era used meals as a time to show off their wealth through ...

Victorian Food Facts for Kids: Food for Rich and Poor


Victorian Era Foods Facts:Victorian Era Food for Rich and Poor,Victorian Period Christmas Food,Breakfast,Supper.

Victorian cooking: upperclass dinner (3/4) | the Victorian era


Nov 28, 2007 ... You could say Supper is the Victorian mid-night snack ;) .... the following report would suggest that having meals “brought in” was more likely to ...

What the Poor Ate - The Victorian Web


Oct 11, 2002 ... [Those curious about the history of the Victorian Web (which began before ... pan cooking, buy their hot food out, or make do with cold meals.

10 Bizarre Dishes on Victorian Dinner Tables - Listverse


Dec 18, 2012 ... The Victorians didn't just carve off steaks and chops from cows, pigs, sheep, etc., and dump what was left of the carcasses into a sausage ...