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38.1 WWII Weapons List Shown By Categories ... Rifles and Long-ranged Weaponry ... Rifles. Mauser Modèle 1889; Mauser Modèle 1935. Submachine Guns.

WW2 Guns (and Other Small Arms) - Military Factory

Aug 18, 2015 ... Listing of all guns and small arms used during World War 2.

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Jul 26, 2015 ... There are a total of (73) WW2 United States Guns (and other small arms) in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Guns&v=ChbVdzq8z1M
May 16, 2010 ... The germans had the best guns, the best tanks, togheter with the britains the best planes and they also had the best infantry and more ...

The 5 Deadliest U.S. Weapons of War from World War II | The ...

Jan 25, 2015 ... The secret of American victory in World War II was quantity and quality. Copious amounts of weapons and equipment that not only ...

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Features finely crafted replicas of classic World War II firearms, including StG44, MG42, Kar98k, and Thompson. Also includes an article section, photos and brief  ...

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May 2, 2011 ... Not all the great weapons in WWII were rifles or pistols. Infantrymen also relied heavily on their grenades. Powerful, light, and the perfect size ...

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The panoply of weapons were generally described as light, medium and heavy, The Library of Congress World War II Companion (see Reference below) further  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What was britains ww 2 gun?
A: There were way small arms used in WW2 - pistols, machine guns, riffles, etc. Is there a Read More »
Q: What is the fastest WW2 gun
A: The fastest rate of fire from WW2 is the MG-42 with 1300 rounds per... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What is the price of a WW2 gun?
A: that would be an M1 Garand.they are prohibitively expensive. one potential way to get one is to become a member of the Garand Collectors association. http://www... Read More »
Q: What are the best WW2 guns?
A: A far as sniper rifles, my vote goes for the Gewehr 34. Bolt action rifle, toss-up between the Lee-Enfield Mk4 or the M1 Garand. Assault rifles, definately Stg4... Read More »
Q: What are german ww2 guns worth?
A: Check the blue book: Shooter's Bible Read More »