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Blunt (cannabis cigar)


A blunt is a cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana. It is rolled with the tobacco-leaf "wrapper" from an inexpensive cigar. Blunts take their name from Phillies ...

How to Roll a Blunt - Blunt Rolling Directions


Nov 25, 2014 ... Learn how to roll a blunt! These blunt rolling directions give you step by step instructions to roll the perfect weed blunt. Marijuana rolling is easy!

Weed Myth: Do Blunts Get You Higher Than Joints? - HERB


Nov 4, 2015 ... So when you roll a blunt, you are smoking a mixture of both tobacco and marijuana. Blunt wraps are also usually bigger than the papers you ...

How to Roll a Blunt Wrap - MassRoots


May 14, 2016 ... This is Part 1 of a 4 part series that will teach you how to roll a blunt with a ... Place your weed in your blunt wrap, and begin to roll the blunt.

Urban Dictionary: blunt


Top Definition. blunt. Cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana, can be smoked in public (somewhat)inconspicuously. Montel was sittin' on the porch all day, ...

How To Roll A Swisher Sweet Blunt | The Weed Blog


Jan 2, 2013 ... The McGyver of Pot and Friend of the blog, Master Bong, has posted a new video showing us how to roll a blunt out of a swisher sweet. Be sure ...

What is the difference between a blunt and a joint? - Quora


Blunts are usually rolled in tobacco leaf, of the same type used to wrap cigars. Most people buy cheap cigars, unroll them, then re-roll it with weed. The name ...

How to Roll the Best Hitting Blunt - Dank Legal Bud


Learning how to roll a blunt, though it can be discouraging, can also turn into ... Rolling the blunt: Spread the marijuana across the inner leaf of the cigar in a line.

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Weed Blunt&v=B_dF0MR3J8w
Jul 9, 2013 ... Blunt Rolling Tutorial: Phillies. ... How To Roll A Phillie Blunt .... side of the Philly like he did and just add more weed if you want the fat Philly..
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Weed Blunt&v=zWTIabxX1oU
Jun 12, 2015 ... (WEED TUTORIAL) (How To Roll Blunts Tutorial) How To Roll A Blunt Without Cutting It Open Add My Instagram: ElyVannDamme Song Link: ...
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7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Has Forever Changed Marijuana Smoking


Aug 2, 2016 ... One of the coolest new smoking devices to show up recently is the Twisty Glass Blunt made by 7Pipe. This thing will change the way you ...

How to Roll a Blunt - Smoking With Style


Spread the weed evenly down the length of the blunt. (If you don't use enough weed to support the size of the wrap it will collapse in on itself while you're trying  ...

How To Roll An Inside Out Blunt | The Weed Blog


May 20, 2014 ... The McGyver of Pot and Friend of the blog, Master Bong, has posted a new video showing us how to roll an inside out blunt. Besides being a ...