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Weight pulling is a dog sport involving a dog pulling a cart or sled loaded with weight a short distance across dirt/gravel, grass, carpet, or snow. It is a modern ...


Is it a healthy way to exercise a dog, or a dangerous activity that borders on animal abuse? Either way you slice it, weight-pulling is a dog sport that certainly has ...


Dog Pulling is akin to a tractor pull. Dogs compete to see who can pull the most weight 16 feet. They pull a wheeled cart on an earthen surface, or a sled on ...


Nov 7, 2016 ... The complete guide to the dog sport of weight pull. Including how to get your dog started, best practices, and tips on excelling in the sport.

Mar 18, 2011 ... Utah Working dogs. Weight pulling competition. Teka the American Bulldog and Blaze the American Pit Bull Terrier pull over 5000 pounds at ...


Whole Dog Journal reports on another canine sport called Competitive Weight Pulling; Competitive Weight Pulling isn t just for big dogs.

Mar 16, 2011 ... Strongest dogs in the world weight pulling pit bulls American bullies American bulldogs.


While they were not specifically bred to pull things, like sled dogs, some Pit Bulls enjoy pulling weight as a form of exercise. Portrait of a Pit Bull by Shutterstock.


Weight Pull offers dogs an opportunity to perform a function that comes naturally to ... In this event, dogs are harnessed and then pull a weighted cart or sled a ...