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Brown spider monkey - Wikipedia


The brown spider monkey or variegated spider monkey (Ateles hybridus) is a critically endangered species of spider monkey, a type of New World monkey ... Natural enemies include jaguars (Panthera on...

Monkey Predators - Monkey Facts and Information


There are various types of predators out there that are known to feed on Monkeys . What they have to worry about though depends on the size of the species as.

What are monkeys' predators? - Quora


Dec 16, 2015 ... Lots of things: Big cats: Snakes. Birds of prey. Chimps. Crocodiles ... What animals eat monkeys? ... What are spider monkeys' predators?

What are the enemies of spider monkeys? | Reference.com


According to the University of Michigan, the enemies, or predators, of spider ... A: Guatemala has wildlife that includes tapirs, jaguars, deer, ocelots, monkeys, ...

Do howler monkeys have any enemies? | Reference.com


Howler monkeys have few enemies, though young howler monkeys are vulnerable to ... A: The pygmy marmoset is the smallest species of monkey in the world.

Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix Lagotricha) - Animals - A-Z Animals ...


All four of the different woolly monkey species are found in the same regions of ... Due to their relatively large size, woolly monkeys have few natural predators ...

Common Squirrel Monkey Predators | Animals - mom.me


The South American or common squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) is one of five species of squirrel monkey. This arboreal primate lives in rainforests throughout ...

What animals eat monkeys? | Reference.com


Types of animals that eat monkeys include birds of prey, large wild cats, hyenas, crocodiles and alligators. Monkeys' natural predators vary according to their ...

Emperor Tamarin (Saguinus Imperator) - Animals - A-Z Animals ...


The Emperor tamarin is a small species of monkey found in the forests of South ... dogs, snakes and birds of prey are primary predators of the Emperor tamarin, ...

Bonobo (Pan Paniscus) - Animals - A-Z Animals - Animal Facts ...


The bonobo is a large species of primate that is only found in the Democratic ... The main predators of the bonobo are humans who hunt the bonobo for it's meat .... orignated 200,000 years ago! Monkey There are around 260 known species!

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What Eats A Monkey?


Apr 6, 2010 ... What do monkeys eat? What animals eat a monkey? The place of the monkey in the food web or food chain, including which natural enemies ...

What are a monkey's predators? | Reference.com


Monkey predation depends on the species of monkey and the area to which it is indigenous. The predators that target monkeys in the rainforest, for example, ...

What eats a monkey? | Reference.com


People often think of a monkey as a happy animal that swings in the trees, but monkeys have a number of predators that like the meat they provide. Cougars and leopards are among the large jungle ... Pets & Animals · Mammals · Monkeys . Q: ...