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This is a list of the states categorized by system of government. Contents. [hide]. 1 List of ... Name, Constitutional form, Head of state, Basis of executive legitimacy ..... The following list inc...

Top 12 Non Democratic Countries in the World | ListSurge


Have a look at these top 12 countries that have non-democratic governments and ... were some of the governments methods of maintaining 'control' over the citizens. ... Human rights violation is very common in Cuba as citizens are considered ...

What countries do not have a democracy? | Reference.com


There are many countries that do not have a democracy and operate from a monarchy, socialist or ... What are some names of nondemocratic countries?

Top 10 Non Democratic Countries in World | OMG Top Tens List


Oct 22, 2012 ... There are five main kinds of government. ... Among those pernicious and non democratic countries the top 10 are: 10. ... and has been living on bits and pieces ; Also that some kind of civil war has been going on in the state.

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Still, they are all democratic countries in some sense of the word. ... If you're looking for the names of countries with democracy governments, then you're in the ...

Top 10 Non Democratic Countries - Smashing Tops


Apr 28, 2013 ... In today's society, some countries prefer to select a non-democratic form of government. Here are the top 10 non democratic countries.

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Nov 30, 2013 ... The worlds non-democratic or significantly non-democratic nations are ... or have established some sort of multi-party consultative body by ...

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The following countries are considered non-democratic or flawed democracies: Bahrain .... Peninsula,Algeria,Libya,Egypt,Angola and some others. 50 people ...

Democratic Countries - Types of Government


List of Democratic countries. ... System of common ownership. Communism · Capitalism-01 · Capitalism · We believe this symbol represents dictatorship.

Democracy — Global Issues


Jul 4, 2008 ... Voting in non-democratic forces; Minorities losing out to majorities; The fear of the .... A common Euro-centric view of world history describes ancient Greek .... The historical context for some countries may also be a factor.

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What are some names of nondemocratic countries? | Reference.com


The names of some nondemocratic countries include the People's Republic of China, North Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Bahrain, Kazakhstan,  ...

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The reason behind such ill-happenings is the lack of democracy of common men. ... Today almost all the countries have adopted democracy up to some extend ...

Non-Democratic Governments: Monarchy, Oligarchy, Technocracy ...


Learn more about non-democratic governments: monarchy, oligarchy, ... Some nondemocratic governments can be classified into categories such as ... in the following countries: Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, ...